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The Peaoni Brothers are the secondary antagonists from the Veggietales franchise from the episode, Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen.

They are portrayed by the French Peas, Jean Claude and Phillippe. Bigthan (Jean Claude) is voiced by Mike Nawrocki, and Teresh (Phillippe) is voiced by Phil Vischer.


The Peaoni Brothers are part of the wanted list and their wanted poster are on the wall. Later, they are plotting to kill King Xerxes in order to take the throne. Bigthan pretended to be a baker and used a wedding cake as a bait, while Teresh holds a piano with a rope and pulley in order to drop it at the victim. Mordecai and Esther warned Xerxes about the trap, and Xerxes moved away and the piano dropped on the cake, but missed him. Haman then orders Mordecai to seize the criminals, which Mordecai succeeds in doing. The Peaoni Brothers are then revealed as the most wanted peas in Persia, and for their punishment, they got banished to the Island of Perpetual Tickling.


Bigthan wore a baker hat in order to pretend to be a baker, while Teresh wears a normal hat.


They are very egotistic, since they wanted to take the throne of the king and they are even willing to kill him, since they are selfish.


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