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Pearl is a supporting antagonist who was featured in the 1998 live action film Blade.

He was portrayed by Eric Edwards.


Pearl is one of the vampires of an unknown time period. It is unspecified if he is pure blood or was a creature from an unidentified race of vampires, due to his abnormal obesity and his native knowledge of predating history, he is much older than the House of Erebus, senates Deacon Frost, and Gitano Dragonetti.

As Blade and Karen Jensen were exploring the underground facility of the House of Erebus, The heroes stumble across Pearl who was initiating Frost the information regarding the return of LA Magra The Blood God, and the sacrifice of the purebloods in order to complete the ritual in success. Blade was gone wary on why the project is such a beneficial importance to the vampire race in which Pearl reveals that the apocalypse is near and the vampire would conquer the world again. Blade orders Karen to torture Pearl for information about Frost's plans for Blade in which Pearl states that it is inevitable to prevent the human race from being extinguished. As Blade seeks to venture further into the Erebus library, Pearl attempted to stop him prompting Karen to use the UAV Sunlight lamp to burn Pearl to a deformed and grotesque state, possibly killing him before the team infiltrates further into the vampire territory.


Pearl is the House of Erebus' most trusted adviser for a science field study on the history beyond the eons the vampire race had evolved. He is brilliantly determined for his research of Frost goals to attract power for leadership amongst his people, but despite how much usefulness he acquired amongst his boss' pleasure, Pearl is still considered the weakest link for his cowardliness. Pearl's most trusted ally that impresses him for the supply running dealings is familiar Officer Krieger of the NYPD who is exceptionally responsible for running errands for both Frost and Pearl (mainly because he does not want to experience the wrath from either). It is still unspecified on how Pearl's horrifying appearance came to being, as the director of Blade predicts that while other vampires feed normally on prey, Pearl devours quite grizzly that it can be presumed that he eats children of any ages.



  • The director of the film, Stephen Norrington stated the cause of Pearl's obese size was the creature gaining a cannibalistic lust for infants and children as he loves to eat their hearts.


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