Pecas is the major secondary antagonist from the cartoon sequel film, La Leyenda de la Llorona. He is a living marionette and the leader of the puppets from a Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco. He has as slave a poor old man named Willi, who is controlled by the evil doll which takes on a life of its own, by the same evil charms of the La Llorona and from then on, orders the villager to make this way every day a new doll army.


When Don Andrés Artasanchez had been stuck and unconscious for several hours in the tree, a group of cursed puppets went to attack him and hit him for fun, but at that very moment his leader would arrive and be transported by his servant Willi, who orders his comrades to torture and then kill the old adventurer, then from the lake would appear a gigantic monster of the swamp, which with success yell to all of the dolls including Pecas, still after a while decided to try to stop the dragon sending some of his subjects, although it was useless and all of these were defeated by the same alebrije only two.

But the moment of tranquility would not last long, since Pecas had another beam under his sleeve and inside his house exhales a type of green huo that would completely surround his home, transforming him into an intimidating and dangerous monster ready to finish with those two adventurers. In an arduous and formidable battle in the most sepulchral and lugubrious of the swamp the Alebrije spits a flaming of fire directed towards the chimney of the monster house destroying it completely and leaving no trace of the evil doll, however, the old man who had been controlled, was freed of the spell, and was truly appreciative and grateful to the two heroes.



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