Mr. Sakharine, all hell has broken loose! It's a disaster, the captain has come around! He's conscious, he's accusing you of mutiny! He says you turned the crew against him!
~ Pedro warning Sakharine about Haddock getting sober

Pedro is a supporting antagonist of the 2011 computer-animated action-adventure film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. He served as a crewmember working for Captain Archibald Haddock, but later turned against him in favor for the infamous collector Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine.

He was voiced by Sebastian Roché.


The famed journalist Tintin is working on the story of Sir Francis' treasure of the sunken ship known as the Unicorn. As it turns out, Pedro and the rest of the crew (including Allan and Tom) are aware of the story and have mutinied against Haddock in order to help Sakharine steal the treasure and avenge his ancestor Red Rackham (who was killed in a failed attempt to steal Sir Francis' treasure). To that end, Pedro arranged for Haddock to be locked inside his cabin and given numerous bottles of rum to avoid any suspicions while Allan and Tom kidnapped Tintin by putting him in a cargo box and transporting him to Haddock's ship called the SS Karaboudjan, even after murdering Interpol agent Barnaby Dawes (who tried to warn Tintin about Sakharine's intentions).

Allan and Tom searched through Tintin to find the second scroll detailing the location of the treasure (as Sakharine already obtained the first scroll), but is nowhere to be found (since the second scroll is inside Tintin's wallet, which has been stolen by Aristides Silk). As such, Sakharine orders Allan and the crew to kill Tintin as he is of no use to them. Pedro is soon distraught to learn that Haddock is going sober and informs Sakharine, who orders him to give Haddock another bottle of rum to keep him complacent. However, Tintin escapes with his dog Snowy and Haddock on a lifeboat, much to Pedro's distraught.

After Sakharine obtained all three scrolls to deduce the location of the treasure, Tintin and Haddock were able to pinpoint Sakharine's current location, which happens to be the same dock where Tintin was captured and taken to. With that in mind, the duo and the police were able to set up a trap against Sakharine and his thugs, and Pedro and several crewmembers end up slipping on several bricks sent into the pavement by Snowy.

It can be implied that Pedro is arrested and sent to prison along with Sakharine and the other thugs for their crimes.


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