Peeps is a one-shot villain from Regular Show. He is a giant floating eyeball who is hired to spy on people.

He was voiced by Richard McGonagle.


He appears in the episode "Peeps". Benson sends him to spy on Mordecai and Rigby to ensure that they do their work. This gets out of hand when all of the characters, including Benson, are being watched upon by Peeps, who says that he will not leave them alone because of a contract. They decide to compete with him in a staring contest to ensure that he leaves, however, if Peeps wins, he will scoop out everyone's' eyes. Peeps cheats by unleashing many tentacles with eyes to ensure his victory. The gang fights fire with fire by using a laser pointer and aiming it at Peeps' eyes. When Peeps' final eye (his body) is hit, he falls into a river. Later when being hauled into an ambulance, he says that all he sees now is darkness, indicating he is blind.



  • He blinked twice after some of his eyes get shot by Rigby's laser, but it is unknown why the contest continued after he did. One possible reason is that the regulation of the contest is to declare the one who blinks all of his/her eyes as loser. Peeps still had some of his lesser eyes opened when Rigby shot him, and fairly lost the contest only when all of his eyes blinked.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Beholder from the game Baldur's Gate.


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