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Peggy McAlpine is the secondary antagonist of the BAFTA Winning BBC Comedy Series Still Game, she is a confrontational and obnoxious resident of Craiglang with severely violent tendencies.

She was portrayed by Lynne McCallum.


Peggy is a ferocious and violent woman with a fiery temper who can be seen either abusing her husband Charlie or annoying many residents of Craiglang (mainly Winston Ingram and Isa Drennan), all for her own pleasure or to let off steam. She is also extremely gluttonous and greedy and is seen on at least two occasions buying far more food than she needs (although this is usually out of principle to annoy other characters). She is also shown to be very quick to throw out accusations especially towards Charlie of whom she constantly accuses and suspects of cheating on her.

Strangely enough, however, there are strange occasions when Peggy actually gets along with many of the characters and can be seen participating in social situations with them even to the point of showing sympathy in certain dire situations such as funerals or job losses, however, she is primarily seen being a more antagonistic person especially towards those she's competing with certain events. She is also shown to be a very confrontational person as evident from not only her abuse to her husband but also from her full on beating to Winston in Series 8.

By the end of the series Peggy's fate is unknown as unlike many of the other characters she wasn't shown to have died in the time skip montage leaving her fate ambiguous.


  • Despite being a more dangerous threat than Tam Mullen Peggy remains the secondary antagonist of the series as her appearances are far less frequent than that of Tam's.