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Pendragon is an evil sorcerer and is the main antagonist from the 1962 live action film Jack the Giant Killer.

He was portrayed by the late Torin Thatcher.


Long ago, in the Duchy of Cornwall during the time of fairytales, there lived an evil sorcerer named Pendragon who was ruler of giants, witches and all creatures evil. Pendragon desired to take over the kingdom but was stopped by his archnemisis, the good wizard Herla who, after fighting a fierce battle with Pendragon, promtly banished the wicked sorcerer and his vile minions to a distant, uncharted island. Pendragon however, sweared that he would someday return and have his revenge.


Many years later, Herla dies of old age, leaving no one to prevent Pendragon's return. During the coronation of Princess Elaine (daughter of King Mark), Pendragon shows up to the celebration disguised as a foreign lord and presents a gift to Princess Elaine, a magical, dancing doll.

Little does Elaine know that the doll is actually Cormoran, one of Pendragon's giant minions and later that night, while she sleeps, Pendragon uses his magic to grow Cormoran to his full size and he procceeds to kidnap the princess. The castle guards arrive to stop him, but are too late. Cormoran takes Elaine to Pendragon's ship, but a brave farm lad named Jack slays the giant and rescues Princess Elaine and is awarded recognition by her farther.

Kidnapping Princess Elaine

Furious that his plans were foiled by a simple farm boy, Pendragon draws up a new plan; to use his witches to intercept Princess Elaine while she is traveling by ship to a convent to be protected from Pendragon and at the same time, kill Jack (who had been assigned as Elaine's protector during the journey) to stop him from intervening in his plans again.


  • He is similar to Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Both are wicked sorcerers whose plans somehow involve a princess and both transform into dragons during the climax in a last ditch attempt to kill the protagonists.
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