Well well, is that not Francesca Hathaway.
~ Penelope whenever she meets Frankie.

Penelope Prittchard is a recurring antagonist of The Haunted Hathaways . She is Frankie's archenemy and rival.

She's a spoiled little brat who first appears in The Haunted Doll. She meets Frankie when she wanted to get the doll. Frankie tries to convince her to not take the doll because by making an excuse by saying the doll is not for sale but when Penelope ask Michelle she said the opposite. Louie was trapped in the doll was taked away, but Frankie, Taylor and Miles take him back in time.

She has a butler who does anything for her. In the episode of The Haunted Boat we see she's a cheater  she told  butler to build her boat for beat Frankie at the school fair project.She's seem to have no remorse for what she's done. When Frankie confronted her she tell her to mind her own business. But again she's defeated after the judge find out she cheated she tell her butler to scream for her and leave the school gym in a huff.

At the school she prank again Frankie with birds food and make the birds attacked her. Their principal told them to make trust and not prank during the day of stew festival. She agreed to make a trust for that special day but she do not know Frankie was told Louie to make the stew explode in her face. Penelope go to the school with her butler and her canadian maple stew. Frankie was ready to prank her with Louie who was supposed to hide in her stew for make it explode with his fart. When Frankie told her if her stew smell funny she smell her stew was still normal Frankie doesn't understand why. It was Frankie stew who explode and Penelope take delight of this humiliation. But when Louie finally show up and make the maple tree blow on Frankie she laugh believe Frankie missed her prank and go to be punish for the prank. Until the principal make it her blamed for this prank because it was her maple syrup and tree and she was laughing he concluded she was the one who make that prank so again she failed to defeat Frankie. She was force to clean the cafeteria without any help from her butler.

She return again, and confronted again Frankie for the doll, but later she seem to be not so evil after all. Because at the end of the episode, she seems to have a change of heart, and finally maybe became friends with Frankie who admit Penelope is might be not a so bad person.

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