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Penguin Thug 1: Hey, Boss, you're here! We're all back together!
Penguin Thug 2: Hey! It hasn't been the same without ya!
~ Penguin's Thugs when Penguin is captured to GCPD

Penguin's Gang are a recurring antagonistic faction in the Batman: Arkham videogame series. It is a large group or Criminal Empire which work for the infamous crime lord Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin. Most members are mercenaries hired and selected by Penguin himself. They also appear to be more skilled and hostile than Joker's thugs.

Their goons are voiced by Nolan North, Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, Rick D. Wasserman, John DiMaggio, Robin Atkin Downes, Jack Eberle, Scott Whyte, Chris Fries, and Andrew Kishino, all of whom voice thugs throughout the series.


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Penguin's men are in the Amusement Mile area including at the "Final Offer". Penguin's men wear gloves, hats, jackets, Vests and numerous colored sweaters.

Batman faces hordes of Cobblepot's gang to get to Penguin in the Final Offer to innterrogate Penguin for regarding the bounty on his head, after Batman leaves the Police Station, Barbara contacts Batman to use the Disruptor on Armed Caches four of the six locations Batman defeats Penguins henchmen to destroy the Armed Caches.

New Years Eve

Following the Penguin making an alliance with Mr. Freeze, several of his members started carrying cryo-weapons, with Freeze supplying them in exchange for there help. Together with Mr. Freeze they stormed Wayne Manor so Freeze could kidnap Ferris Boyle. Batman managed to defeat them and save the Manor before they burnt it to the ground. Dragging him to Gothcorp, Penguin decided that whatever was in the Valut Freeze was after must be valuable (not aware it was simply Freeze's wife), so he double crossed Freeze. Mr. Freeze managed to defeat them, however several henchmen unaware of the double cross continued to follow Freeze. Batman managed to defeat all of them, the were arrested along with there boss.

Arkham City

Following the building of Arkham City, Penguin stubbornly refused to abandon the Iceberg Lounge, which he bought fair and square, with his forces he held a siege, the police where unable to get him out and so they just built Arkham City arround them. With his forces Penguin became one of the leading Warlords, and entered the bloody gang war with the Joker and Two-Face. Somewhere along the lines Black Mask stole explosives from him and escaped. Meanwhile Penguin was approached by Hugo Strange who started arming him and his men in exchange for several sessions so he could get to understand him. This coupled with Cobbelports own arms as a weapons dealer meant that his men where the best armed. He also began holding gladiatorial fights so he could recruit more men, only taking the winners.

After Batman saves Mr. Freeze and defeats Solomon Grundy as well as Penguin himself, Freeze locks Cobblepot in the display case originally mean't for Bruce Wayne. With their ruthless leader captured; many of Penguin's thugs decided to lay low, some chose to stay in their positions in hopes of Penguin's return while others chose to abandon Penguin and join the Joker's Gang. Those who chose to stay in Penguin's territory were simply killed off by Two-Face's men during their takeover attempt of the Museam. With their base of operations lost; many thugs who followed Penguin hid in the sewers in hopes of survival.

Arkham Knight

Nine months later, remnants of Penguin's Henchmen were among the groups that joined Scarecrow to take Batman down. They mostly wore vests, T-shirts, spiked helmets, jeans, and some had gas masks. They were assigned to guard the weapons caches that Penguin had hid around the city, others joined the riots throughout the night. In order to question Penguin about Scarecrow, Batman tracked several of his henchmen using a Disruptor hand delivered by Nightwing. He used the tracking ammo to follow the men's car back to Henry's Repair Shop on Miagani Island. The Penguin himself was inspecting the profits they made that night until Batman arrived questioning him where the Arkham Knight took Barbara Gordon. Several henchmen were trying to beat Batman from behind, but he simply countered them and kept questioning the Penguin. After Batman got what he wanted, he tossed Cobblepot into two of his henchman. The Penguin got away, but told his men to kill Batman before he left. Nightwing arrived to help Batman defeat the gang. They were all eventually defeated.

Using the Disruptor again, Batman followed two more henchmen back to Sionis Industries on Bleake Island. Nightwing help Batman infiltrate the place and take out the men along with another weapons cache. Batman used the Disruptor to follow two henchmen's car back to the third cache. The third hideout was The Grinning Fishmonger on Founders' Island. Nightwing again assisted Batman in taking down the men and the cache.

Nightwing gave Batman intel on another truck in the canal of Bleake Island. Batman followed the truck to Gotham's Water Filtration Plant. Batman found he couldn't get in through the door, so he went through the sewers. He was met with many armed henchmen, but took them out. After destroying the cache, Batman got a message from Penguin saying that he kidnapped Nightwing and that the Bat was getting what he deserved.

Using a tracker in Nightwing's suit, Batman found his location. He was being held in the AmerTek Building on Founders' Island. The place was heavily guarded with armed men on the roof. After infiltrating the building, he found that Penguin's men were torturing Nightwing for fun. Batman broke his former protege free and defeated the men.

When their boss was arrested, they screamed that it was great to see him again, despite the fact that they were all imprisoned.

Known Members/Associates


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