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The Penguins are the main antagonists in the anime Daimidaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire, who are a proud race of perverts, originating from an alternate universe.

Character Information

The Penguins are race of humanoids that originated from another dimension, until, one day, their teleportation device malfunctioned and teleported the entire species and their leader to earth. They pose as evil invaders of earth. The penguins all have the same appearance and height, except they all have various names. The penguins have only one facial feature, and this is a small yellow beak they have for a nose. They have black skin with flippers and white chests and legs. They also have tails position on the front sides of their bodies. The entire race of penguins likes to act perverted and actually take pride out of it. However, they act nice to each other. The penguins are known to have supernatural abilities and their main weapon is a giant robot penguin. They are also capable of measuring a person's body by examining them. One time, they let a human girl, named Rikantz Seaberry, to join them after seeing she had a soft spot for penguins.