~ Junior to the penguins.
~ Penguins

The Penguins are the supporting antagonists from Warner Bros.'s 2nd computer-animated film, Storks.

They serve as the silent henchmen for Hunter.


The penguins first appear when Hunter catches Junior by surprise in his trap after finding out the Junior has produced a baby in the baby-manufacturing machine and tried to deliver the baby. While Hunter and some of his goons hold Junior hostage, the penguins abduct the baby. Back at Cornerstone, the penguins take the baby to a launching pad where they are about to fly the baby away in a helicopter. Then Junior and his human friend, Tulip, show up to confront the penguins.

The penguins fight the protagonists while making every effort to prevent the baby from waking up. Junior and Tulip manage to distract the penguins by throwing several bells into the air, forcing the penguins and jump all over the place to catch every single bell.

To the penguins' shock, the protagonists retrieve the baby and escape in the elevator. The penguins are last seen surviving the explosion of the helicopter.


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