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The Penguins are the minor antagonists from the Veggietales episodes, A Toy That Saved Christmas and The League of Incredible Vegetables.


A Toy That Saved Christmas

The penguins are the minions of Wally P. Nezzer and their job is to guard the Toy Factory from any intruders. Once Bob, Larry, Junior and Louie went in the lair, they did not get caught by the penguin guard. They made a live video in secret to tell others what Christmas is. Once Mr. Nezzer (Wally P. Nezzer) saw them, He captured them to vanish them, but he redeemed himself. Once he accidentally pressed the button, they are vanished, then he and his penguins will save them. Bob and his friends saved themselves, then Mr. Nezzer is about to fall from the cliff. Louie and the penguins saved him.

The League of Incredible Vegetables

The penguins are the minions of Dr. Flurry. They stole the Fear-Dar from the museum, then got arrested, but escaped and give the weapon to Dr. Flurry.


The penguins may look ordinary, but they are intelligent and they are also obedient to their boss. The ones from The League of Incredible Vegetables have spy attire in order to be sneaky when stealing objects.


The penguins serve their boss very well. They do it without asking any questions, since they are very loyal to their boss.


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