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Penny's Father was a minor recurring antagonist in American Horror Story: Freak Show. He originally wanted to send his daughter to a reform school, forcing her to work as a candy stripper.

After his daughter had been seeing an employee of Elsa Mars' Freak Show, he had started threatening Penny at gunpoint to force her to stay in the house. When she finally decides to move out, she is waylaid by her father, who has hired a tattoo artist to disfigure Penny's face as to disown her. Penny is scarred with a reptilian face tattoo and a forked tongue.

Her and some other freaks set out to seek their revenge on him, by covering him in hot tar, and cloaking him in chicken feathers. Before they get to murdering him, Maggie Esmerelda enters the scenario, and convinces them to let him live. They then force him to crawl his way out of the woods.


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