Isn't that sweet? I HATE sweet!
~ Penny after seeing Will and Layla kiss.

Penny Lent is a supporting antagonist of the 2005 Disney film Sky High. She was the school's cheerleading squad leader (in fact, the squad itself) who can multiply herself and make multiple clones to fight her enemies, and happens to be the best friend of Gwen Grayson.

She was portrayed by the twin actresses Malika and Khadijah Haqq.


Penny first appeared as a cheerleading squad to celebrate the school's opening day and helping Gwen welcoming the new freshmen. Following Will's rise to popularity, Penny was tasked by Gwen by duplicate herself into keeping Will's "Sidekick" friends away from him. It wasn't until one day when Gwen threw a party at Will's house, that Penny helps Gwen in driving Will's best friend Layla away. Upon learning of this, Will angrily ends his relationship with Gwen before having her parents to order everyone to leave the house.

Eventually during the homecoming dance, Gwen reveals herself to be the villain Royal Pain, and that Penny, along with Stitches, Speed and Lash, are involved in Royal Pain's plot to pacify everyone in Sky High into babies and raise them as villains. To that end, Penny helps in containing the auditorium, allowing Royal Pain to pacify everyone.

Eventually, Will and his friends caught wind of Royal Pain's plot and intend to foil it for good. Upon sensing the arrival of Will and his friends, Royal Pain sends over Penny, Speed and Lash to stop them. While Speed and Lash are dealing with Warren and Ethan, Penny chases Layla to the cafeteria, where she punches her in the face. Unfortunately, this proved to be her big mistake as it provoked an angry Layla to use her powers of controlling plant life to incapacitate Penny and her clones.

Following Royal Pain's defeat at the hands of Will, Penny is last seen detained in the detention room along with Royal Pain, Stitches, Speed and Lash. It can be implied that Penny would later be sent to prison along with her cohorts for their crimes afterwards.


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