Penny Plunderer

The Penny Plunderer, also known as Joe Coyne, is a one-time villain in the DC Universe who served as an enemy towards Batman.


Joe Coyne was once a newspaper salesman. He sold them for just a penny per paper. However, Coyne ended up getting fired after he got caught stealing pennies. Afterwards, Joe Coyne, later known as The Penny Plunderer, became a criminal that centered his crimes around pennies. He was planning to use a giant penny to kill Batman, but was defeated and was sent to Arkham. The penny was also given to Batman was is currently being as a trophy in the Batcave.

Since then, the Penny Plunderer has yet made another appearance in any comic, TV show or video game since, and it is highly unlikely that he will ever return, due to the fact that pennies have removed from the Batman Universe. Not to mention the story of giant coin that the Penny Plunderer used was later changed. It was changed so that Two-Face, both the comic book version and the animated cartoon version, used the giant penny in an attempt to flatten Batman. And after Batman arrested Two-Face, the giant penny was placed inside the Batcave as a trophy.


  • The Penny Plunderer has been classified as one of the worst, if not The Worst villain in the Batman Rogue's Gallery. 
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