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I am NOT a poor thing, he just can't be reasoned with. He's always bothering me when I'm trying to cover the sun so it doesn't burn me alive.
~ Penumbra telling Black Hat and Dr. Flug her reason for contacting them.

Penelope Numan Braxton, also known as Penumbra is a character in Villainous. She is a supervillain and prime objective is to obstruct the sun so that is doesn't burn her alive. Her schemes are always foiled by a superhero named Sunblast. She made her first appearance in the eleventh episode of "Q&A Black Hat Organization replies" in Orientation Videos for Villains miniseries.

She also has an instagram which she updates semi-regularly.

She was voiced by Amanda Rose in the English version and Rebecca Manriquez in the Spanish version.


Early life

Penelope was born on December 28, 1981. While nothing is known about her childhood, but was most likely a genius, presumably at the age of 15, given that in 1997 she was already attended Atreno University.

In June 10, 1997, Penelope published her first doctoral thesis titled "Development and Application of a Plasma Surface Ultraviolet Radiation Reflector Adapted to the Protection of Continental Glaciers," and was supervised by Professor Jared H. Judd. 6 years later, it was presumably unsuccessful as she published again on June 10, 2003, now supervised by Professor Abby H. Judd, likely a success, as she earned the title "Doctor".

In 2000 and at the age of 18, Penelope worked for Shi-Bo inc., whose was Doctor Minato Pappeto. A picture is seen having Penelope and Yukito Pappeto, the son of the CEO of the company. Possibly friends with the CEO's son who studied together. During this time, she worked on a project that was mentioned in his thesis, "The Environmental Glacier Protector Cloud."

On May 25, 2005, and at the age of 23, she presented her project at Shi-Bo's science fair at Atreno University. The device, however, suffered from a malfunction from unknown reasons which cause it to explode, releasing a strange purple toxic could that spread across North Atreno. But it was finally stopped by one of Atreno's special divisions along with local authorities. However, it affected Penelope who was standing next to the device along with 20% of Atreno's population. This caused her having a condition that became known as "Numbra Disorder", which Penelope her villainous identity "Penumbra" and started researching on finding a cure for her condition and ways of covering the sun so she wouldn't burn.

On June 21, 2005, 5 years passed after the incident, Penelope's contract was terminated by Shi-Bo Inc, due to that the company was unable to release ownership for Penelope's work and investigations without compromising themselves.

Two months later, on July 22, 2005, Penumbra tried to cover the sun again, but failed, presumably stopped by the superhero known as SunBlast.

Three months later, on August 12, 2005, Penelope was ordered by the city to pay them 24 million dollars due to her machine's accident and the development of Numbra disorder spread in 20% of the population.

On May 3, 2007, at the age of 25, Penelope, who lived in her condition for over 2 years, was in court for various crimes she committed as her villainous persona, Penumbra. The crimes that were described in two court documents, it was assumed that Penelope did these just to cure her condition by any means necessary, no matter the cost.

Obscure the Sun

Penumbra is first seen live on the news with her latest invention to covering up the sun, only for the screen to abruptly fade to black. However, her scheme had failed and was defeated by SunBlast, the town's local hero. SunBlast tells her the only reason why he haven't put her behind bars is because he enjoys beating her up. As Penumbra walks down the streets, she sees an advertisements of Black Hat Organization on TV, and decides to contact them for help.

Seeking Help

As Dr. Flug continues to yell at Demencia for not changing out of her "pajamas", he is suddenly contorted into folding into oblivion, only to be brought to Black Hat's office. Black Hat tells Flug that Penumbra contacted them requesting their services to eliminate the superhero SunBlast. Flug promises Penumbra he will not fail and has a plan to make sure SunBlast is dealt with. While Flug tries to think to capturing SunBlast, Black Hat transmits them from his office, aware that Flug, 5.0.5 and Demencia are on their way back. Flug tells him that he along with Demencia and 5.0.5 had dealt with SunBlast, which delights Penumbra.

After Dr. Flug, Demencia and 5.0.5 defeated SunBlast, Penumbra is ecstatic over the hero's defeat and thanks Black Hat and his organization for their services, while SunBlast escapes the jar, but was eaten by Demencia, having Flug to put a light bulb in the hero's place. Meanwhile, Penumbra asks Black Hat how can she repay him for his service, to which Black Hat has her sign a contract in which she gives her soul to him. Black Hat then tells her it was a pleasure doing business with her before telling her to get out, making Penumbra terrified and taking the jar and leaving.

During the credits, Penumbra (who still doesn't notice) is seen on a plane and goes back to Arteno City, explaining her plan to "SunBlast" to use his power to cure her sensitivity to sunlight. When she notices that "SunBlast" isn't responding, she mistakes the light bulb for falling asleep.

Reacquiring SunBlast

As she continues to work on her machine with occasional breaks, Penumbra still doesn't realize that the lightbulb isn't SunBlast and just believe that he has gone quiet since the left Hat Island. It's only after finishing the machine and attempting to use the lightbulb that she realizes that it isn't SunBlast. Upon Black Hat Customer Service, she finds out SunBlast had gone missing and becomes upset. She goes about her days like normal in spite of this, and she continues her research to cure herself and other Umbras.

During one of her nights, she finds out about a laboratory experimenting on animals. In response, Penumbra breaks in and saves a rat which she keeps as a pet and names Curie. She also finds a Hat Bot with a package at her house. Upon opening it up, she finds it to be SunBlast. Ecstatic, she gets back to work on her machine and even places him in. However, she forgets how strong he is, and he escapes. Worried, she looks around until she finds him stealing some of Curie's food. Seeing this, Penumbra figures she should look into feeding him as well.

Building a Bond

After numerous experiments, Penumbra expresses guilt over forcing so much onto SunBlast and causing him to be injured so badly. She also takes note of how SunBlast keeps trying to escape. This changes when he finds some news articles she kept that detail umbras as not being bad at all. Seeing this, Penumbra ponders whether he never knew or didn't care until that point.

While SunBlast still refuses to talk to her, he does start to calm down a little bit to where he no longer tries to escape, though he does continue to bully Curie. Penumbra even gets a letter from Flug asking about how things are going with SunBlast. Eventually, she and SunBlast reach an agreement to work together in finding a cure for the umbra along with a way to get SunBlast back to normal size.

After Curie runs away, SunBlast helps Penumbra find her. The following moment results in SunBlast becoming less hostile to the rat. However, after using Penumbra's credit card, Penumbra realizes he want to have a separate room. In response, Penumbra gets to work with SunBlast and Curie helping her out. Upon completion, the three celebrate with a photo of the house, and a picnic outdoors.

The New Dawn

In spite of everything, Penumbra is able to tell that SunBlast misses being the hero of Atreno. She does her best to make him feel at home, but eventually, the two find out that the city of Atreno is beginning a project called "The New Dawn" which would have a new hero replace SunBlast. Seeing how enraged and destructive SunBlast becomes when the city moves forward was enough to worry Penumbra.

Penumbra finds the project to be even worse as it casts her as the villain that heroes have to fight to succeed SunBlast, causing her to realize she will be involved whether she wants to or not. She finds herself unable to even go to grocery shopping without a hero attacking her, prompting her to act in self-defense. Despite this, Atreno paints the moment as her starting the chaos. Infuriated, Penumbra starts preparing for more heroes that face her. After defeating Steel Titan, Dr. Dent, and Vanity. Penumbra starts getting excited over fighting the heroes.

Atreno's New Hero

Following a victory against an unknown hero, Penumbra finds out that "The New Dawn" is almost over, which briefly upsets her due to how much fun she was having. However, that mood turns sour when she finds out the last hero she defeated was an Umbra. Devastated at what she did, she starts questioning why she even enjoyed all those fights and feels like she had been defeated. Deciding she just wants to get it over with, Penumbra does research on the three remaining heroes in "The New Dawn" and prepares for them.

However, she is surprised when she finds the fights to be cancelled with Atreno deciding on a new hero named Miss Heed. While confused, Penumbra has a moment of relief as she believes she will finally have some piece. Things only go further downhill though as she finds the Parasol Society has chosen to sever ties with her. No longer feeling safe in Atreno, Penumbra, SunBlast, and Curie leave their home and look for a place where they will be safe.

She eventually finds shelter thanks to Dark Phantom and Ghoul, but they are quickly found and brainwashed by Miss Heed.

Sunblast and Curie manage to evade Miss Heed, and the two of them make preparations to set out and rescue Penumbra.





  • Her outfit matches that of the classic mad scientist trope.


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