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This is Egyptian Cotton, motherf--ker... two-twenty thread. That's like half your shi--y-ass paycheck, okay?
~ Peoples trying to intimidate John Shaft

Peoples Hernandez is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 film Shaft,

He is portrayed by Jeffrey Wright.

He is a drug lord hired by bigoted rich criminal Walter Wade Jr. to kill Shaft and the only witness to the racial murder of Trey Howard while Wade Jr. bails out to Switzerland before facing trial.


He first met Wade Jr. while he is temporarily incarcerated. Willing to kill for money, he is paid by Wade Jr. to kill Shaft and the only witness to the murder Wade Jr. had committed prior to the events of the movie. When Shaft and his friends find Diane, the only witness to the murder, Peoples, his brother, and his men arrive at the location and attempt to kill Shaft and Diane. Shaft manages to escape and kills Peoples' brother in the process. An angry Peoples then beats up Wade Jr. over the death of his brother. He later tracks Shaft and his friends at an apartment, which eventually results in another shootout and a car chase where both cars crash. In a final showdown between Shaft and Peoples, Shaft shoots and kills Peoples.

Peoples's corpse.

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