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Peps are enemies in the RPG video game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story that are found inside Bowser's body in the Energy Hold area. There are three different types of Pep: the POW Pep, the SPEED Pep, and the DEF Pep, all of which specialize in a different stat. They can change themselves into a different type of Pep, like the Viruses can in the first game in the Mario & Luigi series, Superstar Saga. They can also merge with other enemies to make them stronger in their respective stat (excluding the SPEED variety, which cannot do this), which is similar to Ghoul Guys from the second game in the Mario & Luigi series, Partners in Time.



Types of Pep


POW Peps are red in color and and have muscular arms. They attack by getting close to one of the Mario Bros. and attempting to punch him, but this can be countered by hitting the POW Pep when it is not covering its face with its arms.


DEF Peps are green in color and have a shield next to them. They cannot attack at all, so they are practically useless enemies despise their high defense, except for their ability to increase other enemies' defense.


SPEED Peps are blue in color and have shark-like fins. They attack by charging at one of the bros. at a high speed. Sometimes it will split into two and charge at both of the bros. Unlike the two previous varieties, they cannot fuse with other enemies to increase their speed stat.


The Peps may not actually be evil, as they could just be attacking the Mario Bros. because they see them as foreign contaminants inside Bowser's body.

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