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Per Degaton is an agent of no man or nation but himself!
~ Per Degaton

Per Degaton is a DC comics super-villain who is known for his fascist leanings and time-manipulation as a major threat to the Justice Society as well as numerous other heroes from across the DC multiverse - indeed he has been known as a threat capable of "uniting" some heroes and villains due to his alterations of space and time (for example in DC Universe Online both "hero" and "villain" characters oppose his attempts to alter WWII so that the fascists effectively win).




Per Degaton has no superhuman abilities of his own by regularly utilizes extremely advanced technologies and time-travel, to the point he can control time itself and grant himself virtual invulnerability from most attempts at attack : he also frequently mimics flight via the use of his hover-platform and employs futuristic pistols, robots and other devices commonly associated with time-travelers and the like.

In Other Media

  • Per Degaton appears in Legends of Tomorrow
  • Per Degaton is the main antagonist of the current "Age of Justice" DLC for DC Universe Online.
  • Per Degaton has appeared in the animated Batman : Brave and the Bold series.



  • He shares a lot in common with Vandal Savage, who has also altered time to try and takeover WWII - to the point the pair work together (at least in DC Universe Online and in Arrowverse).
  • Due to his fascist tendencies and great power he also shares some similarities to Marvel's Red Skull, Although the Red Skull does not usually tamper with time-travel he has utilized Cosmic Cube to create a fascist dystopia upon Earth.
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