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Petar (Pera) Mitić is the main character in the 1984 Serbian horror-comedy film Strangler vs. Strangler. He is a serial killer who committed murder by strangling the victim.

He was portrayed by the late Taško Načić.


Before Murdering

Pera appears to be an overweight 48-year-old man, that lives with his mother. She would punish him if he did not earn any money from selling carnation flowers.

The punishment is either kneeling on nutshells while being slapped by his mother or being locked in a water tank. This is why he starts to kill every girl who refuses to buy his flowers. Pera would usually go to a bakery, to eat cream pies.


Once Pera killed his first victim, Pera's number of victims started to grow rapidly, he even killed his own mother, so he could hear a song Baby, baby, that Pera was obsessed with.

Pera's next victim was Sofija, that was the host of a popular musical show on the radio. While trying to chocked Sofija, Pera while attacking her gets his ear bitten-off by Sofija in self-defense.


Sofija was in bed with her boyfriend, that she got married to, her boyfriend chocked Sofija to death, while Pera dressed up as his mother, and watched the whole thing through a window. After the choke, Pera asked where his ear is. Once the boyfriend heard that, he runs to an abandoned building.

Pera followed him, and bitten-off his ear off, as he hanged Pera.


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