Percy "King" Dimplewade (or simply King) is the secondary antagonist of the 2014 film The Nut Job.

He is voiced by Stephen Lang who also played Miles Quaritch in the giant hit 2009 blockbuster Avatar.


King is a mob boss who is trying to rob a bank by replacing all the money in the bank with nuts (which is basically why he interferes with the mission). King first appears in the nut shop going over the plan. He is also seen introducing a new member who is silent, but deadly. He later notices that Surly and Buddy are there with him and he tries to shoot them. King and his gang come again to shop at night to dig a tunnel under the bank, replace all the money with nuts and then escape; however, he accidentally brought Surly and the others along with him. His gang soon realizes that he betrayed them so he and his silent partner could keep the money for themselves. He interferes with the fight between Surly and Raccoon and crashes. A while later, the bridge falls down and King (along with everyone else) falls into the river and then is defeated when he falls down the waterfall. He is later shown to still be alive, but his ex-girlfriend Lana called the cops on him and get him arrested. Unwilling to handle any more incidents with the critters, King willingly surrenders to the police and is taken away to prison.


  • He was thought to be the main antagonist in the film; although he was shown to be the secondary antagonist due to his plan being a subplot, he was more violent and had more screen time than Raccoon (the true main antagonist of the film).
    • Ironically, despite having nothing to do with each other, King and Raccoon are fairly similar, as they're crime lords who are obsessed with nuts.


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