Percy Dolarhyde is a minor antagonist in the western/ science-fiction film Cowboys & Aliens based on the 2006 Western sci-fi graphic novel of the same name. 

He was portayed by Paul Dano, who also played John Tibeats in 12 Years a Slave


He is a cowardly drunkard who terrorizes the villagers (especially Doc, who blames him to not pay for his saloon) and he is the son of the Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde.

Percy is later imprisoned for shooting on the Sheriff deputy (after being provoked by Jake Lonergan). When the demons attack the village, one of their ship destroys the diligence containing Percy and Jake, and Percy is then kidnapped.

Woodrow goes with his men save him and the others villagers. We find later Percy, watching the great light, surrounded by all the other kidnapped. Ella and Jake then fly to their rescue and free them all. He finds his father telling him that he does not remember anything.

Back in the village, Woodrow sends Percy to the bank to ask for new checks with the inscription of Dolarhyde and his son, that what Percy does.


In the film, Percy looks like a bully and a drunkard but later, he revealed he is above all fearful and unsure of himself. It is proved when Jake confronts him and when Percy refuses to shoot on him (just before he accidently shoot on the deputy). Maybe it's because he drinks a lot that he behaves like that, because at the end of the movie, he seems more calm and kind than at the beginning.

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