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Perez was a supporting villain in the movie Licence to Kill.

He was portrayed by Alejandro Bracho.


Perez served as one of Franz Sanchez's three most trusted henchmen, alongside Dario and Braun. At times, he seemed to be the leader of the three, although Sanchez trusted Dario more. He served as an assassin and bodyguard for the drug lord. He, Dario and Braun kidnapped Felix Leiter and raped and killed his wife Della as revenge for Felix's role in arresting Sanchez.

Later, Perez was at Sanchez's casino in Isthmus and distrusted James Bond when he attempted to get himself hired as a "problem solver" for Sanchez, although Perez kept his doubts to himself. When Dario incorrectly fingered Bond as an "informer" at the villains' drug factory, Bond started a huge fire that began consuming the entire building. Perez was in charge of trying to fight the blaze, but failed. He and some other henchmen then acted as an armed escort for the tankers containing Sanchez's cocaine-laced gasoline as the drug dealers fled the exploding factory.

Perez tried and failed to kill Bond with a missile launcher after Bond commandeered one of the tankers and he ran over Perez's Jeep, stranding him and his men - until Braun (who'd remained behind to kill Colonel Heller) happened along in a pickup truck. They got in and chased after Bond. At one point, they had to drive through a wall of flames. The henchmen in the unprotected back jumped out but Perez remained in the cab with Braun. Although they successfully passed through the flames, their truck's tires caught on fire.

Bond, noticing, unleashed a river of gas from the tanker ahead as Perez shot at him. As soon as the truck drove through the gas, its flaming wheels ignited the fuel, trapping Perez and Braun in the speeding, flame-encased truck. Braun lost control, and the truck flew off of a cliff. He and Perez plunged screaming to their deaths.



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Alejandro bracho as perez2

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