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The Perminator is the tritagonist of the adult comedy cartoon Freaknik The Musical produced by T-Pain. He is a robot version of Reverend sent to destroy Freaknik and end Spring break for ever.


after the death of Al Sharpton or Reverend, thee leader of the Boule Oprah Winfrey has one more trick up her sleeve to kill Freaknik She calls in the Perminator the future version of AL Sharpton to hunt down and kill Freaknik once and for all. Later at 10:07 The Preminator wakes up form a nap He hears the name Freaknik on the radio of his alarm clock that the showdown is minutes away the Perminator.

Then goes to the showdown to kill him. Later at the showdown He Crashes out of a Speaker. Saying he has to kill Freaknik and ruining Spring Break for everyone. After Freaknik calls him a hater the Perminator transforms into his true form calling Freaknik a bitch.

He grows in size scaring everyone. announcing that Spring Break is over. causing everyone to go into panic. The Perminator then processed's to injure freaknik with missiles tossing him around and stomping on him. just as the Perminator Does the finishing blow on Freaknik Trap Jesus tells the films protagonist Virgil Gibson to save Freaknik.

And save spring brake. the Perminator then says he's gonna destroy freaknation. Virgil tells everyone not to give up hope and save Freaknik Virgil then begins to sing and tell everyone to keep the party going and never give up. Just as Freaknik is gonna die the crowd Gives Freaknik Hearts to create a Lovebomb to destroy The Perminator for good.