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Peron is a villainess in the TV show Mortal Kombat: Conquest. She only appears in the episode The Serpent and the Ice.

Peron was portrayed by actress Josie Davis.

Peron's History

Peron was the loyal sidekick of Scorpion. She always followed his instructions. Peron was very skilled in both combat and assassination.

Person was originally a resident in the hidden hidden village known as Takeda. Scorpion abducted her at some point in time. The village's other residents didn't care about Peron's disappearance. They hated Peron because she committed countless crimes in Takeda.

Peron was responsible for the death of Lisa Liang who was Sub-Zero's younger sister. Peron killed Lisa by stabbing a knave through the back of Lisa's body. This was Scorpion's way of sending a threat towards Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero was infuriated by the death of his younger sister. He tracked Peron and found her.  Peron fought Sub-Zero but she wasn't a match against the Lin-Kuei warrior. Sub-Zero killed Peron by grabbing her, freezing her, and then dropping her onto the ground. Peron was shattered into pieces when her body hit the ground.

Scorpion was very protective of Peron. He vowed to kill Sub-Zero because he murdered Peron.


  • Peron was the only sidekick of Scorpion.
  • Peron doesn't apparent in other areas of the Mortal Kombat series.
  • She was strong enough to defend Scorpion from Shao Kahn.
  • Murder is the only crime that was officially committed by Peron. None of her other crime or crimes have been revealed. Many fans speculate that Peron murdered more than one person. This theory has not been comfirmed or denied.


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