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Villain Overview

I feel them...all of them. The hearts of the Multiverse have sided with doom. They have caged my power since the dawn of creation. But it is mine again to wield. Perpetua Has Risen!
~ Perpetua.

Perpetua is one of the four overarching antagonists of the DC Comics Universe (alongside the Great Evil Beast, Empty Hand, and Krona).

Serving as the overarching antagonist of the New 52 continuity, she serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis and Dark Nights: Metal and the main antagonist of the Year of the Villain saga and one of the two main antagonists of Dark Nights: Death Metal (alongside the Batman Who Laughs). She is a member of a god-like race called the Super Celestials and is the creator of the DC Multiverse before it was altered by her children, who are Alpheus, Mobius/Anti-Monitor and Mar Novu.


Billions of years ago, a race known as the Super Celestials were tasked by the Judges of the Source to create new life within the Omniverse. However, the one named Perpetua desired to eliminate the judges by using the seven hidden forces to make a Multiverse she could use as an everlasting weapon. She then created her children Alpheus, Mobius and Mar Novu from the Overvoid to keep watch on the multiverse's various realms. Five billion years later, Perpetua made human/martian hybrids called Apex Predators to inhabit the Multiverse and serve as soldiers against the Judges of the Source. However, the judges were alerted of Perpetua's treachery by her children, and they sent the Cosmic Raptor to seal Perpetua and the Totality of her powers away inside the Source Wall that the raptor had created.

Perpetua was forced to watch as her children transformed the Multiverse into a less savage state that was free of her Apex Predators until eons later, the Source Wall was shattered after the events of Dark Nights: Metal, allowing Perpetua to escape her imprisonment while her powers in its Totality was sent to Earth. Her kind hoped that in time, by watching the growth of her children from her prison, she would learn to love them but instead, she raged and whispered to anyone who might hear her, stocked them greed, desire, instigating crisis.

Dark Nights: Death Metal

Perpetua battled against the Justice League at some point, she harnessed all the Crisis Energy and the league harnessed all Connective Energy and their fight ended on a massive blow that exhausted both forces. Thanks to The Batman Who Laughs giving her access to the Dark Multiverse on which she feeds on the greatest crises like COIE that happen eternally in the dark, Perpetua has now an unlimited power source. She has destroyed Earth-22, the universe where the 'Kingdom Come' world exists, reducing the Multiverse from 52 universes to only 8 with more falling each passing day. It's only a matter of time before Perpetua manages to eliminate the entire Multiverse and remake it in her own image. She was later betrayed by the Batman Who Laughs, who now possessed near-unlimited power and called himself "the Darkest Knight," leading the two to engage in a brutal fight before the dark Batman traps her in the fragments of the Source Wall and punches them with her in it, killing her.


Perpetua appears as a white slender alien with grotesque horns that looks like a DNA spring and wear a red dress and has small planet-looking spheres around her neck as a necklace.

Powers and Abilities

Perpetua was considered one of the most powerful and oldest entities in the DC Multiverse and even in the Greater Omniverse, she was viewed as the most feared being out of all her brothers and sisters tending the infinite Multiverses.

Perpetua was portrayed as the hand creating the DC Multiverse that Krona saw at the dawn of time. This assumption was later confirmed to be the case. Besides being the mother of the DC Multiverse, she was also the one behind every Crisis as her influence over the Anti-Monitor, Parallax, Alexander Luthor Jr, Darkseid, and Barbatos resulted in all Crises in history.

She wielded the Crisis Energy which are about selfish desires and the suppression of the past in favor of the immediate moments. This includes the Anti-Life Equation, Chaos Magic, and the Forces of Doom. At full power through the Crisis Energies, Perpetua was capable of total creation or annihilation of an entire Multiverse. This includes some degree of control over the Multiverse, translating to nigh-omnipotence. Even on a greatly weakened and unconscious state, planets form around her fingers and galaxies were born and die around her.

Despite her vast cosmic abilities, she need a large enough supply of Crisis Energy for her powers to function at full capacity and she wasn't powerful enough to oppose her kind -- the Hands of the Source. Provided she is fed enough energies, Perpetua was extraordinarily dangerous, “Omega-level” threat.


  • Since her Whispers influenced the coming of the many major DC storylines and villains such as the Anti-Monitor, Parallax, Alexander Luthor Jr, Darkseid and Barbatos during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis and Dark Nights: Metal many of these have reshaped the multiverse and look on DC on a major scale over many years, during her imprisonment from inside The Source Wall. With this, she can be considered one of the greater-scope villains of the entire DC Comics Universe (however the Great Evil Beast still outranks her as it is stated numerous times to be behind everything, including Perpetua and the Darkest Knight).
  • Apparently the multiverse that Perpetua created (before it was altered) was the original incarnation of the DC Multiverse, which existed before the Pre-Crisis version.
  • Her Marvel Comics counterpart would most likely be the First Firmament.
  • Despite her vast powers she is still not the supreme being of DC Comics. Other villains who have rivalled her power include the Great Evil Beast and Lucifer Morningstar (it is worth noting that in Lucifer's case he is part of Vertigo, which often does not comply fully with the canon of mainstream DC). She is also below the power of the Writer, who is considered the true supreme being of DC (at least according to Morrison's works).

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