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And to think after all this time, they still believe I'm Perseus. As if Perseus could ever be an individual, working alone. So American.
~ Perseus talking about his spy network in the Soviet ending.
We will watch Europe burn. We will watch the empire of the United States collapse under its own weight. A world with two superpowers will become a world with one. The Soviet Union. And if the leaders of this new world order squander the opportunity we have provided them... then they too will be replaced.
~ "Perseus" in the final "Lie" Ending cutscene.

Perseus Spy Network is the main antagonistic faction of the 2020 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is a Soviet-based international spy ring and underground network of rogue military operators and spies, led by the mysterious "Perseus".



The Perseus Spy Network was established by rogue Soviet intelligence officer Perseus at some time during the Cold War, with the goal of abolishing Western power of the world and setting Soviet Union up as the world's dominant superpower, also with ulterior motives of replacing the leaders of Soviet if they don't cherish the opportunity presented by Perseus himself.

Over the years, the organization would see many various rogue military and intelligence personnel, several prominent members of other anti-Western terrorist and criminal organizations to join its ranks, all collaborating to further their respective agendas while simultaneously conspiring together to achieve Perseus' goal.

Perseus had Atomic spies to infiltrate the Los Alamos National Laboratory Atomic and stole highly detailed information from the Manhattan Project in 1943, and the Viet Cong soldiers orchestrated by Perseus that attempted to steal an American-made nuclear bomb from the US Firebase Ripcord during the Vietnam War's Operation Fracture Jaw in 1968.

In 1976, Perseus agents raided the Petropavlovsk Gulag and extracted Vikhor Kuzmin, the former head of Nova 6 production on Rebirth Island, who was captured and tortured by CIA Special Officer Russell Adler before being locked away by his superior Lev Kravchenko. Having been receptive to Perseus' vision of Soviet supremacy and desiring revenge against Adler for stabbing out his eye, Stitch joined the organization's roster, and using his knowledge of Project Nova, began manufacturing the gas for the organization's use.

In January 1981, Russian Mafia boss Anton Volkov discovered an American nuclear bomb from Operation Greenlight buried beneath Berlin, and hands it off to Perseus, who sought to use the nuke to unlock the rest of the Greenlight arsenal hidden throughout Europe; with the Greenlight arsenal under the organization's control, they would detonate the nukes, holding the United States responsible for the nuclear atrocity and forcing the world into chaos, which would allow the Soviet Union to rise up and gain power.

Over the next two months, Perseus would enact their plan, firstly establishing a broadcast station for the nuclear detonations on the Solovetsky Islands while transporting the stolen nuke to an abandoned facility in Cuba for preparation. Next, Perseus's soldiers would travel to the former Mount Yamantau complex in the Ural Mountains to recover intel regarding the identities of Nikita Dragovich's sleeper agents from the base's mainframe, before subsequently purging the mainframe to prevent the CIA from learning of this information.

They eventually identified Theodore Hastings, a scientist part of Operation Greenlight who was also one of Dragovich's sleeper agents, "Perseus" reactivated him and forced him and his team of scientists to travel to Cuba to reverse-engineer the detonation codes from the stolen nuke, which would enable Perseus to activate the rest of the nukes beneath Europe.

Events in the Game

During Black Ops Cold War, many key members and operations of Perseus would be compromised and suffered a number of setbacks; a loyal Perseus agent would be betrayed by Iranian terrorist leader Arash Kadivar, eventually being captured and brainwashed by the CIA to help flush out the Perseus organization and their motives under the alias of "Bell", Arash would be assassinated by the CIA. Meanwhile a colleague of Volkov's; Franz Kraus is also killed in a shootout with them, Volkov and Arash's right-hand Qasim Javadi would either be captured or killed by the CIA, ex-CIA agent Robert Aldrich and rogue KGB Major Vadim Rudnik would either be assassinated by the CIA or left alive, which would result in either the failure or success of their missions to spread Perseus' influence in their respective countries.

Endings in the Campaign

In the canon ending, "Bell" remains loyal to Adler and the CIA, they will assist in destroying the AA-guns in Solovetsky Islands and calling in a bombing run to destroy the signals. Perseus and his network will be crippled.

However in the non-canon ending, "Bell" betrays the CIA and call in the Soviets to set an ambush at Duga-2, which Perseus personally leads. If the player signals the ambush, Perseus helps "Bell" kill Adler and his team, allowing them to signal the detonation of the American nukes. After detonating the nukes across Europe, Perseus goes into hiding for the time being, and awaits to further his agendas.


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