is an antagonist of the 2013 Philippine TV Series, Juan Dela Cruz. Unlike many of the series' antagonist, she is not an aswang but an encantada.


Peru-ha is the twin sister of the former Haring Mana-on the previous monarch of the Encanto Kingdom. Unlike her twin brother who was a kind and selfless, Peru-ha was selfish, arrogant and manipulative. When her brother Mana-on ascended to the Encanto throne due to her brother's good character, she became jealous and seeked to claim what "was rightfully hers" and that "she has her rights". She has the ability to brainwash others by bringing out the darkness in ones' heart and used that ability to staged a coup to overthrow her brother. She failed and was imprisoned  in a stone, which was hidden in a cave somewhere in the realm of the humans.

She was found in a stone by the first aswangs and was worshipped as a Goddess. She was called Saragnayan and the stone containing her as the Anito ng Saragnayan. She promised the Aswangs that there would be the Anak ng Dilim, the strongest Aswang ever, to lead them and promised them dominance over the humans. 

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