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#REDIRECT [[Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu]]
Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran feeds off of the persistent love between humans. Reconstructed from his remains, Pesaranza drives humans to be obsessive to get their hearts just right for feeding.
In addition to his super speed, Pesaranza can break his body up to several fluff balls to avoid being hit by an attack.
He is immobilized by the Istop Gosei Card, preventing him to split apart, then was destroyed destroyed by the combined efforts of Gosei Ground and Skick Gosei Great. He is modeled after a leech
*Pesaranza's name is from the 1943 version of Phantom of the Opera.
*The kanji in his personal name is the one for "break", refering to Pesaranza's ability to split himself apart.
*Pesaranza is based off of the Kesaran-Pasaran, a rather obscure Yokai of Japanese myth, with his animal motif being the leech.
==See Also==
*[[Kesaran - Power Rangers]] counterpart in Power Rangers Megaforce.
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[[Category:Hungry Villains]]

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