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Yeah, but, everything you say is so nice. I thought with you I was finally going to feel something, anything, but... Mm, nope. And I did everything right, everything that you're supposed to do. Candlelit dinners, I took you to that convention, I gave you a key to my apartment. The only time I ever feel anything is when I'm hearing them choke on their own blood... unable to talk.
~ Pete displaying no remorse to Ella for his crimes.

Pete Daily, also known as the Whisper Killer, is a supporting antagonist in the TV series Lucifer. He appears as the secondary antagonist of Season 5A and a flashback antagonist in Season 6.

He is a journalist who in actuality is a sadistic serial killer who murders women by severing their vocal cords. He is the former love interest of Ella Lopez.

He is portrayed by Alexander Koch, who also played Junior Rennie in Under the Dome.


Pete's mother was emotionally abusive to him, screaming at him every day and loving her Lily garden more than her own children. This led Pete to hate any loud and talkative woman, eventually turning him into a serial killer that would attack this kind of women, cut their vocal cords and then kill them. His actions eventually led to Les Klumpsky following in his footsteps and trying to claim all of Pete's murders for himself.

During his job as a reporter, Pete would meet L.A.P.D forensic scientist Ella Lopez. The two would hang out a bit, and after Les is caught and assumed to be the Whisper Killer, Ella ultimately decides to start dating him, as he was a nice guy and not a "bad boy", which was the type she was previously into.

After L.A.P.D. detective Chloe Decker is kidnapped, Ella and Chloe's boyfriend Lucifer Morningstar suspect the Whisper Killer is involved, after realising that Les is a copycat. Ella originally went to Pete's house to get his notes about the Whisper Killer, but after finding a secret room filled with flowers that serve as the killer's calling card, she realises Pete is the true killer. Leaving the room, she's confronted by Pete. Originally trying to act like nothing is wrong, Pete eventually realises Ella found out and tries to strange her to death. However, she managed to stab him with a needle and knock him out.

After being brought to the L.A.P.D precinct, Pete revealed his motives for being a serial killer, although admitted that he has no idea where Chloe is. For the rest of the season, Pete is occasionally mentioned by the characters in scenes that focus on Ella.


Season 5

  • "BlueBallz"
  • "Our Mojo"
  • "Spoiler Alert"
  • "Family Dinner" (mentioned)
  • "Nothing Lasts Forever" (mentioned)

Season 6

  • "Buckets of Baggage" (flashback)


  • His story arc basically matches that of the fairy tale character of Bluebeard.

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