Yeah, but, everything you say is so nice. I thought with you I was finally going to feel something, anything, but... Mm, Nope. And I did everything right, everything that your supposed to do. Candlelit dinners, I took you to that convention, I gave you a key to my apartment. The only time I ever feel anything is when I'm hearing them choke on their own blood... unable to talk.
~ Pete displaying no remorse to Ella for his crimes.

Pete Daily, also known as the Whisper Killer, is the secondary antagonist of Season 5 of the TV series Lucifer. He is a sadistic serial killer who poses as a journalist, while also being the former love interest of Ella Lopez.

He is portrayed by Alexander Koch, who also played Junior Rennie in Under the Dome.


During his childhood, Daily's mother would scream at him constantly. This, combined with the fact that he felt like she loved her Lily garden instead of him eventually lead him to develop hatred towards loud and talkative women and a desire to silence them by cutting their vocal cords, after paralyzing them.

While trying to report on the murder of a DJ, he met L.A.P.D. forensic scientist Ella Lopez at the crime scene, who helped him get more information for his article. After Daily gives her a friendly invite to go out with him, Ella rejects it. However, after they catch Les Klumpsky who was suspected as the Whisper Killer, she later asks him out after realizing that she deserved a nice guy.

After Chloe Decker was kidnapped by Michael, Ella and Lucifer Morningstar suspect the real and original "Whisper Killer" is involved. As per his suggestion, Ella went through Daily's notes about the serial killer and found a secret room in Daily's apartment, where he kept dozens of Lilies that matched exactly the killer's calling card. Ella deduced that Daily was the actual serial killer and when he arrived home, they fought but Ella got the upper hand by stabbing him with one of his paralyzing needles.

He was later brought to the L.A.P.D. precinct, where he was interrogated by Ella, and revealed his motives for murder. Although he felt no remorse for his actions, he was honest and admitted not knowing the whereabouts of Chloe Decker, who was still missing.


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