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You're not going upstairs to talk to anyone.
~ Pete to his friend Roy after shooting him.

Peter "Pete" Davis is the main antagonist in the 1992 film Unlawful Entry.

In the film, he was portrayed by the late Ray Liotta, who also played Ray Sinclair in Something Wild, Gallian in In the Name of the King: A Dragon Siege Tale, Henry Hill in Goodfellas, Billy Handsome in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Samuel Rhodes in Identity, Dorothy Macha in Revolver, Paul Krendler in Hannibal, Jack Blade in Wild Hogs, and Ryan Weaver in Turbulence.


Pete is first seen investigating the break-in of the home of a married couple, Michael and Karen Carr. He is immediately taken in by their kind behavior and is particularly attracted to Karen. He immediately befriends the couple, fixing their house with a complex security system to prevent any future break-ins and joins them for dinner, where he admits to Karen that he is single and that his job as a police officer makes it very hard to maintain long-term relationships, which enhances his infatuation with her, while Michael admits his desire to gain revenge against the burglar as he held a knife to Karen's throat, which catches Pete's attention. Pete then invites Michael to go along on a ride-along the next night, to which Michael talks about having used off-duty police officers in the past to manage his security companies and clubs, which increases Pete's interest in him.

After dropping off his only close partner Roy Cole after the ride-along, Pete reveals that he has caught the burglar that broke into Michael's house, and offers Michael a chance to beat him up with his nightstick for revenge. Michael refuses, admitting that he wasn't serious about using physical force against the burglar, but Pete insists, as he desires to win Michael's approval. Pete then viciously beats the burglar repeatedly after he tries to run away, but is shocked when Michael demands him to stop. Becoming highly suspicious that Pete is mentally unstable, Michael demands that Karen stay away from him, but she refuses to believe him, as she is grateful for Pete having caught the burglar, while believing that her husband is overreacting.

When Pete visits Michael and Karen at a club that Michael works at, he admits to Michael that he is off-duty, fueling Michael's suspicions about Pete's sanity. Michael then rejects his friendship with Pete and demands that he stay away from him and Karen, with Pete making excuses of protecting them to interact with them. Pete is not only angered by Michael's rejection, but being forced to leave his infatuation with Karen behind him, resulting in him throwing a woman he met during the ride-along out of his car while making love with him. After accepting an invitation to educate some young student in a school that Karen works at without Michael's knowledge, Pete invites her for lunch, where he probes her about her marriage with Michael, to which she naively admits her fortune in meeting him, with Pete responding that no man should take a woman like Karen for granted, revealing that Pete is jealous of Michael and is suspicious about his competence as a husband.

In retaliation for Michael's rejection, Pete then begins to harass him by making unauthorized credit card and parking ticket charges, and sets off the alarm in the house to break in under the pretense on checking on the couple's safety, where he witnesses them making love. Michael tries to file a complaint against Pete's behavior, despite having no evidence and Pete being a very professional officer within the precinct. With advice from him lawyer, Michael unsuccessfully attempts to bribe Pete with $5000 to leave him alone, while Pete reveals his obsession and jealousy for Karen before threatening to kill him while holding a gun in his face, resulting in Michael chiding Karen for confiding in Pete about their marriage.

Michael attempts to ask Cole for help in putting a stop to Pete's behavior. When Cole threatens to report his behavior in the next twenty-four hours, Pete angrily and remorselessly murders him and blames it on a criminal. Pete then frames Michael on drug charges by planting cocaine in the house, boasting to him about his plans to spend time with Karen. Pete then breaks into the house by tricking and murdering Karen's friend while she is asleep, and after she wakes up, she demands him to leave he explains that he desires to have a future with her and that she should respect him as a husband, reassuring her that he doesn't have to resort to being a police officer anymore. Upon discovering her friend's body in a closet, Karen attempts to shoot Pete with Michael's gun, that he had taken away, under the pretense of making love with him, but it is unloaded as Pete had anticipated this, causing Pete to go berserk and assault Karen. But Michael returns home and gets into a fight with Pete, who eventually takes Michael hostage and threatens to kill him if Karen, who is hiding in the securely locked bathroom, doesn't leave with him. Karen then opens the door and attacks Pete, with Michael overpowering him and knocking him down the stairs. Pete regains consciousness and sees Michael has taken his gun. He arrogantly taunts Michael, believing he will just make a citizen's arrest.

Pete Davis' death.

However, in his arrogance, Pete fails to realize that despite his evil actions of stalking him and his wife, killing his partner, attempting to ruin his life out of pure spite, attempting to rape his wife, and now having just tried to kill them, Michael has no intention of arresting Pete, and so, Pete's arrogant, obsessive, and evil behavior finally backfires on him as Michael instead uses the gun to shoot a horrified Pete numerous times in his chest, only stopping when Davis eventually collapses to the ground, dead.


  • Ray Liotta has been nominated for a MTV Movie Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Officer Pete Davis.
  • Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Tom Berenger, and Charlie Sheen turn down the role of Officer Pete Davis.

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