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Pete Mickens is the main antagonist in the 2017 crime drama film Wind River. He is a particularly vulgar crew member of the security team.

He is portrayed by James Jordan.


Nothing much is said about Pete Mickens, although he's a security guard, and a sick vulgar member of the team and acts villainous towards Matt Rayburn and his girlfriend Natalie. Mickens tries to over to Matt to ask them what they're going but Matt tells him to get the fuck out of there and when Mickens goes over there again, this causes Matt to push Pete down and tell him to stay out. Matt and Pete end up getting into a fistfight with the rest of the gang as this is shown in a flashback, Pete rapes Natalie. Matt is able to stop Pete by punching him in the face, Matt tells Natalie to run away while Pete and the other members beat Matt to death. In present day, Tribal police chief Ben tells Jane to get away from the door. Pete blasts her with a shotgun shell as she flies back, this causes Curtis and security team members to kill the police officers including Ben. As Jane is about to get executed by the remaining team members, Cory saves her by killing all of them with his rifle. Pete kicks out the window and tries to run off, however Jane hides under the trailer and shoots Pete in his legs, making him bleed out.

He runs away, while Cory tracks his blood trail and is able to knock him out with the butt of his rifle. Pete awakens and finds himself with frostbite. Cory forces Pete to confess and he does, Cory tells Pete to run and shoots the rifle besides his ear. Pete starts to run, only to stop when his lungs freeze up where he slowly dies.