Pete Puma

Pete Puma in classic Looney Tunes

Pete Puma is a recurring villain in the Looney Tunes series of theatrical and TV short features. When first introduced in Rabbit Kin, he tried to eat a little rabbit named Shorty. He is no match for the more cunning characters, especially Bugs Bunny. Like many other very stupid villains, he thinks himself quite bright.

He later tried to catch a chicken and was tricked by Foghorn Leghorn. A regular gag involved him and Bugs Bunny having tea. Bugs would ask him how many "lumps" (of sugar) he wanted, and then would pound him on the head with a mallet until he got lumps. While Pete never appeared in many classic-era shorts, his goofball facial expressions and exaggerated voice always made him a fan favorite.

One of his first modern appearances was as the janitor at Acme Looniversity in Tiny Toon Adventures. After he took a fall from his own soap and mop down a flight of stairs, Babs and Buster Bunny (no relation) observed that he would now have "A Whoooole Lotta Lumps".

He later appears in The Looney Tunes Show as a zookeeper, not a very good one at that. He is given strict orders that if he values his life he will not open the lock for a caged wild animal. He then immediately rips of the lock and runs towards the zookeeper telling him he forgot his lock, leaving the Tasmanian Devil to escape.


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