Peter "Pete" Sassafras is a minor antagonist in Adventure Time. He appears in the episode "Candy Streets", then in another episode "Gumbaldia".

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Finn and Jake were investigating Lumpy Space Princess' apartment to find out who robbed her they found a drop of red stuff, which they thought was blood. Pete Sassafras was mentioned by a Candy Drugstore clerk named Ann. She talked about how Pete had a nosebleed which made Finn and Jake suspect him. They head for the train station and spot Pete climbing aboard the 11:27 train.

Finn and Jake chase the train and catch Pete even though he claimed he was innocent. Finn and Jake then mock him in prison even having Jake shape shifts into a lawyer to fool him. Finn and Jake then leave the dungeons with Jake saying "Guilty" before closing the door. He somehow escaped after the events of the episode. As he is seen as a member of Uncle Gumbald's Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters who plan to go to war with the Candy Kingdom.

In "Come Along With Me", he witnesses the arrival of GOLB then runs away with the rest of Gumbald's army after Aunt Lolly asks for help to fight GOLB.



  • The name "Sassafras" comes from the genus Sassafras, which consists of four tree species. The oil from these plants is used as the precursor of the drug MDMA and was used in root beer and tea before being regulated by the FDA due to its carcinogenic properties.
  • He must have escaped during "Apple Wedding" when Princess Bubblegum let everyone go.


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