Peter Bonifacio is the main human antagonist of the novel Halo: The Cole Protocol. He was a citizen of The Rubble and one of the nine security council members tasked with the defense of The Rubble. He had been a well-known smuggler prior to the war.

After meeting Ignatio Delgado, Peter expressed interest in a datapad that the Rubble Security Council had assigned Ignatio to look after. This data pad contained navigation data regarding the location of Earth and various other UNSC colonies. This attribute interested the greedy Bonifacio who expressed interest in acquiring the device in order to sell it to the Kig-Yar, with whom he had formed an alliance.

During the events of the Rubble, he betrayed the asteroid's populace, granting the coordinates of Earth to the Kig-Yar in exchange for his personal profit. After shooting a fellow member of the Council, Diego Esquival, he left Diego and Delgado for dead in an airlock, retreating off with the data in Delgado's ship, the Distancia. However, this was stopped by Adriana, who offered refuge in an escape pod in exchange for the location of the navigation data which he had hidden onboard the ship. Reth later left him to die after Peter told him that he gave the datapad away, claiming Peter was of no use to him now, and that he was doing Bonifacio a favor by not picking him up. Although Bonifacio did not initially believe that, in reality it was the truth, as Covenant never took prisoners and tortured them on the rare occasions they did. Despite finding safety in his escape pod, within hours he would discover a Covenant fleet that had appeared in the system. After foolishly attempting to communicate with the Covenant, in hope of finding rescue, a Covenant cruiser fired upon him, killing him instantly. The Covenant ship then plowed through the atomized remains of the pod as it adjusted its orbit.

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