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Peter Burrell is the secondary antagonist in the 1998 action thriller film, Mercury Rising. He was an agent and hitman of the NSA's Division Department, second in command to and under the purview of Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow.

He was portrayed by Lindsey Ginter.


Peter Burrell was originally a member off US Special Forces, but was declared KIA in Beirut in 1982.

Sent on a mission alongside with another assassin Shayes from Kudrow in order to eliminate the young autistic boy Simon Lynch for accidentally violating the MERCURY code, and his parents Martin and Jenny Lynch, Burrell arrives at the house. Impersonating a police detective, Burrell walks into the Lynches' house and ruthlessly shoots Simon's mother and father with a silent pistol. He searches for Simon but he does not succeed to find him. Hearing the sirens approaching (Martin was able to call 911 before he died), Burrell sets up a murder-suicide and is kicked out of the house by Shayes.

Learning that Simon is at a hospital, Burrell poses as a doctor and again attempts to murder Simon. Simon is saved by the arrival of Jeffries, who, after meeting Burrell and deducing his true intention, flees the scene with the boy.

Burrell later assassinates Dean Crandell and Leo Pedranski to keep intact the secrecy of the original MERCURY code. He takes with him Pedranski's letters denunciating the illegal' acts of Kudrow. However, he forgets the carbon copies his girlfriend, NSA analyst Emily Lang, brings to the FBI. The friend of Art, Tommy Jordan, quietly arranges for her to meet with Jeffries to show them both the carbon paper of the letter, which, being covered by Pedranski's fingerprints, is crucial evidence.

He appears again with Kudrow during an ultimate tentative to get rid of Simon. Seeing the FBI team arriving, the assassin fires at them, provoking a shootout while Kudrow tries to escape with Simon in a helicopter. Burrell is finally slashed to death with flying broken glass propelled by a helicopter during the shootout with the FBI team led by Jordan, in the IBM Building.


Peter Burrell has many typical traits of an assassin. He is ruthless and psychopathic, as he has no qualms to try to kill a young autistic boy for his job. In relation with that, he bears no remorse for his murders. As many high-functioning psychopaths can do, he is able to take a polite facade to approach his victims, as seen with Simon's parents. He is also intelligent and in control of himself, never panicking and being able to arrange his murder of the couple as a murder-suicide. Burrell has a likeness of rare guns but that comes to bite him back, as Jeffries points out during the investigation into the fake murder-suicide of Simon's parents why a person of modest income would make import a $1500 German handgun just to kill himself and his relatives.

Despite all of this, Burrell has a strong and genuine loyalty to his boss Kudrow. This is shown when Burrell talks with him about the secret recording of Jeffries and Jordan and how they should get Simon in a very formal and nearly military manner, despite not being in the Army.