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Defiant to the end, huh? You won't cry like him, will you? You're not afraid of death. You're like me.
~ Creedy to V.

Peter Creedy is an antagonist in the V for Vendetta comics.


Peter Creedy is the leader of the Norsefire secret police known as the "Fingermen". Unlike Norsefire's official leader, Adam Susan, who genuinely believes in fascism, Creedy is a cold-blooded opportunist whose only goal is absolute power. A pompous, ambitious, yet inept man, he is disliked by sophisticates like Helen Heyer and it is strongly suggested that senior officers in the police force have little respect for him. Eric Finch's right-hand man Dominic coolly rebuffs Creedy's offer of 'closer co-operation' in spite of his implied threat that anyone who isn't on his side will regret it later.

It quickly becomes clear the reason for his lack of respect is that Creedy isn't as good at his job as Susan wanted. He and his men let V escape from the NTV broadcasting center after the 'Guy Fawkes' video is broadcast, and he lets Rose Almond through the police cordon during Susan's last public appearance, not suspecting that she will assassinate him. Nevertheless he and his forces take total control of London after Susan's death. However, his term as the "emergency commander" is short-lived, as his chief of staff, a Scottish gangster named Alistair Harper, turns on him after being given a substantial bribe by the manipulative Helen Heyer. Harper and his men grab Creedy and hack him to death with a razor.

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