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~ Peter's famous catchphrase.
Shut up, Meg.
~ Peter's famous running gag catchphrase to his daughter Meg Griffin when she says something nice, cute, adorable about herself, the world, or some nasty stuff about her father who is a complete idiot, but he rudely silences her.
What?! No son of mine is gonna be smoking dope!
~ Peter to Chris of smoking dope.
Why not, dad? Is it any worse than your Five Scotch Breakfast?
~ Peter to his father Five Generation of Peter's Family

"Justin" Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Sr., best known as just Peter Griffin is the titular main protagonist of the adult animated series Family Guy.

He is the father of Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin and Meg Griffin, biological father of Bertram, husband of Lois Griffin, and friend and owner of Brian Griffin. He is a man in his early 40s who lives on 31 Spooner Street in Quahog, Rhode Island.

While being the protagonist, he's not as nice as most would like to imagine as he has caused others misfortune due to his stupidity but also deliberately to better himself, which often backfires, leaving him stuck with the raw end of the deal. He's not alone in these respects, as he has a bullying sister named Karen Griffin and an abusive fanatical stepfather named Francis Griffin, suggesting antagonism runs in his family and helps explain the behavior of his children (although, in fairness, Peter does have caring moments, despite the fact they are increasingly rare). He was originally presented as a morally ambiguous anti-hero, but later in the series, he was mostly presented as a protagonist villain and sometimes full antagonist.

He is voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane, who also voiced Roger Smith in American Dad! and Mike in Sing.


Peter is an obese man with peach skin, short red-brown hair, green eyes (blue in at least one episode) and a large cleft chin. He wears a white dress shirt with green pants, a black belt with a yellow buckle, white socks, brown shoes and glasses, which Peter claims to have come from a doctor Halloween costume in the episode Roasted Guy. He is 6 feet tall when compared to his wife Lois who is 5'8" according to her ID in Stewie's nightmare in "A Lot Going On Upstairs".


Peter is a lazy, obnoxious, rude, arrogant, short-tempered, stubborn, dimwitted, reckless, and egotistical person who causes a great deal of harm and misery to those around him. Some of his more defining traits are his borderline alcoholism and drugging habits which tend to leave him in a state of incomprehension specifically regarding things like decency and safety measures and causing him to enter unrestrained stupors. Most of his time is spent getting wasted, going wherever and doing whatever he wants, and costing thousands to millions of dollars in damage with his drunken or quasi-sober tomfoolery. He has also been willing to do more for his friends Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, and Cleveland Brown than his family as well.

Another example of his negative aspects was how terrible he was to Lois. Peter almost always took her for granted, despite her being the daughter of billionaire Carter Pewterschmidt, very attractive, and having the affections of others who were arguably better. There had been more than enough instances to show Peter was cheating such as when he admitted on live TV, he knew the names of all pornographic stars and was openly shown to have attractions for or interests in other women and/or former sexual partners. Even Lois' own terrible treatment of Peter does not fully justify the way he neglects and treats her. He even had sex with her while she was disguised as another woman despite not knowing it was her.

He was also shown to be an absolutely abusive, manipulative, atrocious, and cheating father figure by demeaning, degrading, demoralizing, and downright abusing his family, especially Meg and Brian in particular; Peter actually left the former behind when she was in danger, saying he and Lois decided if they needed to leave a child behind it would be Meg. Even back when he was a decent yet misguided father, he showed no regard for Brian's feelings about not being seen as an equal. Along with this he openly admitted he hated the kids simply because they did not do anything he liked or were not entertaining to him. However, there have been moments where Peter is there for his family, having good times with them, getting laughs, and taking them to places such as amusement parks or parties. More importantly, he was a much better father in earlier seasons as mentioned below.

While early seasons depicted him as an oafish but naive, silly, likable, and good-natured father who cares a lot about his family (one episode at the time involved him saying he'd take a bullet for Meg), this was no longer the case in later seasons as at the crunch he became an unlikable, malicious, evil, psychopathic, childlike jerk who helped others for personal gain, did illegal actions almost every time nowadays, abused his family (notably Meg and Brian), and is always excused for his actions as he's said to do that stuff out of idiocy, even though that's not true. In the cruel and bizarre world of Family Guy, every character has their share of maliciousness. However, Peter took the cake, as the scenes where he was sympathetic paled in comparison to his nastiness. It has gotten to the point where critics and fans outright hate him for being a shell of his oafish but well-meaning self. He loves his son Chris when he told him he wants him to remain as a kid saying drugs are bad to him as well doesn't want him to smoke dope.

Peter has also shown little to no remorse in committing various crimes; in one instance, he blew up a children's hospital by mistake in an attempt to blow up a nearby sign and downplayed the entire thing since the sign was burned in the aftermath in "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing", went on a killing spree, murdering three children after Brian replaced his “I can't believe it's not butter” with real butter in "Brian's Play", deliberately pushed a child in front of Lois' car as she was driving off in "No Country Club for Old Men" just so he could play Stewie's harmonica stuck in his butt.

Peter is also somewhat of a hypocrite, as he sometimes calls out the other villains in the show on their bad deeds, despite the fact that he has done several terrible things himself throughout the series.

It has also been evidenced that Peter is severely depressed. He even once told Lois, "I haven't been happy in a long time." Lois does not react to this and says that she is aware, as he has told her this multiple times prior.


Remember what I always tell you, if I come home in the middle of the day and catch you having sex with someone... I'll kill you both.
~ Peter to his wife Lois Griffin.
Old man?!?! What, you think you're not gonna get old, you little bastard?!
~ Peter before beating up Justin Bieber.
If that DVD even touches Road House, I will kill you.
~ Peter to a merchant passing him a film he hates.
Okay, that is the last time you are gonna pull that crap! (Kick in the face.) You hear me? (Lucy: Yes!) Do you hear me? (He continues to hit her.) (Lucy: Yes!) And you are gonna hold down that football until Charlie Brown kicks it. You got that? (Lucy: Yes.) Go ahead, Charlie. (Charlie kick in the ball.) And you know what else? I did some checking around. You're not a licensed therapist. (Kick in the face.) Road House.
~ Peter beating Lucy Van Pelt.
Hey, stupid, what the hell are you doing?! That's my daughter! (Jerk: Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?) What am I gonna do about it? I'll knock your teeth down your throat and out your butt, you little bastard! (Another jerk laughs.) Oh, you think that's funny, him spilling juice all over the floor? This is gonna make people's sneakers sticky, and then we're gonna have to listen to (IMITATES STICKY SHOES WALKING) all day! Well, I won't have it. Get on your knees and lick that up! (Jerk: What? A-Are you serious?) Yeah, I'm serious. I'm the principal! (The jerk fearfully obliges)
~ Peter punishing someone for mistreating Meg while serving as the Principal of James Woods High.


  • Peter's voice is an impression of Richard Kind.
  • Peter was based on a security guard of the college that Seth MacFarlane went to.
  • In earlier seasons, it is pretty obvious Peter is the protagonist; however, in new episodes, we constantly see other characters in the spotlight, Peter nowadays appears as a protagonist and main antagonist in multiple episodes.
  • In some instances, Peter has been shown to change to the point of being a relatively normal person and better parent. As such, in the series' second episode "I Never Met the Dead Man", he became more active after breaking free from his TV addiction and in "The Most Interesting Man" became intelligent and classier, though, on both occasions, his family tried to turn him back because they found him overbearing, not fun and/or better than them. Unfortunately, this just shows how dependent everyone has become on the cyclical toxicity of their relationships with Peter.
  • In the Five Peter Generation, Peter's favorite alcohol is a Three-Martini Lunch. While his father's favorite alcohol is a Five Scotch Breakfast, his grandfather's favorite alcohol is a "Three exes drawn on the jug" Corn Whiskey Moonshine and his great-grandfather's favorite alcohol is a rice wine.

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