Peter Miles is the overarching antagonist of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. He is responsible for the authorization and sabotage of Operation: Greenstone.


Raised in Newport, Rhode Island, Miles is the son of wealthy shipping magnate Lawrence Miles. The Miles family made their fortune in post-WWII shipping, transporting and re-selling decommissioned military surplus as scrap metal. An unscrupulous businessperson, Lawrence Miles instilled in his only son the drive to succeed at any cost. However, Peter would not follow his father's example, foregoing the family business and instead pursuing a career in the Intelligence Services right out of college.

Miles quickly climbed the ranks within the CIA's organizational structure, serving in Iraq, Somalia, Kurdistan, India, and Afghanistan. It was at his last posting as a field officer that his then Head of Station died in an IED attack, elevating him to the position. Never one to get his hands dirty, Miles often employed the paramilitary wing of SAD to conduct his operations, and later, upon meeting Trey Stone, developed a close working relationship with the RET teams. If was during Operation Sea Urchin that Miles, through Cole D. Walker's exploits, was able to distinguish himself further, securing the appointment back at Langley as Deputy Director for Ops. When the Ret Team Was dissolved, Miles and Walker maintained contact and decided to create new team, even more secret: the Wolves. The first operatives of the Wolves were Yellowleg, Rosebud, Silverback and Flycatcher.


Miles is a snake, who will bite you as surely as he will ride your back across the river. He is known for back-channeling and making temporary alliances as they suit him, only to trash the relationships as soon as an agenda is reached. Despite this, he is known as a results-oriented operator, who gets the job done. Numerous times the CIA has counted on Miles, and has come to regard him as the man to go to when an objective must be achieved, at any cost.

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