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Astral: If you bulldoze the woods, you'll destroy thosands of lives!

Mr. Quince: We've already gone down this road, Astral ... (to Devon) I thought we agreed to keep this a secret.

Devon: She's telling the truth dad.

Astral: I am!/Morgan: You've got to believe her!

Brendoni: Mr. Quince, if you change the building site, I will totally owe you one, on the bro code.

Mr. Quince: Bro code aside, I can't change it. It fits perfectly for what we need.

Devon: Dad, please!/Astral: If I could only make you understand what you're doing!

Mr. Quince: (furiously) I am not gonna argue anymore with a child! (thunder strikes behind him) You go tell my little brother Oberon the Fairy King ... if he wants to stop me, he should come here himself!

~ Peter Quince revealing his true nature.

Petrithon, (better known as Peter Quince in the human world) is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Versitude) of the short-lived Nickelodeon fantasy sitcom, The Other Kingdom. He's the older brother of King Oberon -- therefore Astral's uncle -- who left Athenia for a normal life in the human world. He's also the father of Devon Quince who wants to inspire him to become a businessman like him growing up.

He was portrayed by Brett Donahue.


Before the series

Some time ago, Petrithon grew up as a resident of Athenia, 7th realm of the second kingdom. He was deeply in touch with nature thanks to the influence of his parents. He'd go around picking some berries off of trees, and once played a prank on Oberon involving peppercorns.

As a teenager, was next in line to the King of Athenia, although Petrithon had gotten curious about life the human world, despite his brother Oberon's wishes and used his "other" walk to take a closer look at it. While in the other world, he would create an "other" alias to bend in becoming "Peter Quince", fall in with a mortal woman, and attempt to bring her back to Athenia as his soulmate. Unfortunately, "others"/humans were prohibited from becoming rulers of the kingdom, so Petrithon had to make a choice between becoming king of Athenia and abandoning the love of his life, or stepping down from the throne to be with his love in the mortal world. He ultimately choice the latter option, and left Athenia forever to be with his love.

With Petrithon out of the picture, his younger brother Oberon ended up becoming the next King of Athenia by default, as he later marries Titania and they'd give birth to Astral. Petrithon would adopt his mortal alias "Peter Quince" permanently, get married to the mortal woman and leave her completely in the dark about his identity as a fairy of royalty. Eventually the married couple would give birth to Devon. But not too long afterwards, tragedy would strike as Peter's wife would pass away when Devon was fairly young, leaving Mr. Quince to raise Devon by himself. He'd become the manager for the construction crew of an environmental research center he planned.

He'd come to genuinely care for and love his son, not wanting any harm to come to him and not telling him about his life in Athenia or him being a fairy. And he didn't miss Athenia in the slightest, preferring to move forward rather than look back at his past. In fact, he would even decide to eliminate his past life forever, by demolishing the gateway to his birth home, and bringing down the tree, under the guise of his research center meant to gather scientists from across the globe and help the environment.

During the Series

On the first day of Devon's freshman year, he'd force Devon to wake up for first day of high school, and tell him about the British foreign exchange student who'd be arriving the next day. The next day soon comes, where Astral would arrive at the Quince house as Devon's supposed exchange student. Devon would initally get confused, and his father would supposedly would call the Student Exchange Program lady -- which was actually Versitude disguising her voice-- to clear up the mix-up, and Versitude claimed Astral was indeed the right student. After Astral and Devon finish school the next day, he shows Astral his model public works building -- his new project -- and ask for her thoughts.

Over the next few weeks, he'd help Astral settle in and serve as a reasonable authority figure offering to help her with any problems she may have, and encouraging Devon to help her adjust to her new home and school.

On one occasion, he'd prevent Astral from going to a café, since her grades in geography were slipping and she was at risk of failing the class. He'd get Devon to tutor Astral since he was a talented student in the class, but Astral would secretly charm Devon into thinking Oswald was Astral, while she snuck out to the café with Morgan. But things quickly went wrong when the charm for Oswald wears off and Astral and Morgan get in trouble with Hailey. Devon would try to bail Astral out, only for him to end up in trouble as well, having to wait for his father to pick him up. When he picked Devon and Astral up, he was rightfully upset with both of them and made them keep studying for the rest of the day.

A few days later, Astral's cousin Brendoni would be sent to the other world, having to stay at the Quince house with Astral, Devon and his father, although Devon initially has a hostile relationship with him, due to Brendoni being an out-of-control slob, he not too long afterward, begins to get on decent terms with him. Then one day, Mr. Quince would leave Devon, Astral and Brendoni alone to look after the house and Astral and Morgan had a girls' night planned, but when Astral invites nearly the entire school things get out of hand, and the gathering quickly turns into a wild party. Devon's furious over this turn of events, but with him finally getting recognized by the other students, and Brendoni's infleunce rubbing off on him, he ended up embracing the large group, and became the "party Devo". Not to long afterwards, Devon's father would walk in and catch the large group, demanding an explanation.

He'd kick out all the guests, and ground Devon, Astral and Brendoni while also forcing to clean up the mess left behind from the guests, which Astral's secretly able to speed up thanks to her fairy powers, although they still had more cleaning to do, and while tidying up, Astral found the plans for Mr. Quince's construction center in Evermoor Woods, which would potentially destroy the forest and Astral's home Athenia.

Astral and Morgan would confront Mr. Quince about the harm he'd bring (without bringing up Athenia or her people), but he insisted that his plan would attract environmental scientists from all over the world, and help nature. Morgan wondered why the center had to be in Evermoor Woods of all places, which Mr. Quince would find more justifications for and tells them he had one more meeting and then the bulldozers would come. This forces Astral to warn her parents about the impending doom, and she'd insist on staying in the human world to try and protect the kingdom. Back in Athenia, Oberon and Titania wanted to plan for the worst with Queen Titania wanting to evacuate the kingdom.

That day at Mr. Quince's workplace, Astral, Morgan and Brendoni were able to sneak into the building, and Astral and Brendoni would crawl through an air vent getting directly over the meeting room. Astral would glitter two of Peter's employees into falling in love with his other employee would delay the proposal, but when the two crash through the roof, land in the office room, and have give them amnesia of the recent events, it still wasn't enough to stop the construction. Brendoni locks Mr. Quince in the bathroom with a chair, and Astral and her friends would take over the proposal in the meantime making a speech explaining how generations grew up with those trees, and more would continue to do so if they made the right choice. By the time, Mr. Quince manages to escape the bathroom and rejoin the meeting, his co-workers were preparing to make a decision.

The construction for the research center is later was announced to be turned down the next day -- much to Peter's dismay-- saving Athenia. But when when Devon finds out Astral was celebrating the research center being turned down and caused it to be turned down by going to the city council, he's very angry with her about it. Astral's forced to reveal her fairy identity to him, which still leaves him upset. It takes a personal encounter with Astral queen's mother to sort things out, as she makes Devon promise not to tell anyone about what he saw, or about Astral's true fairy identity -- including his father.

A few days later, Mr. Quince would notice Devon's design for the Midsummer Night's Dream school dance, and compliment his work asking why he didn't show him them. He informs Devon he's finishing his renderings for the research center, which was being reapproved for a currently unknown location and invites him to come to work with him for his thoughts and miss school. At Peter's workplace, he'd show his son around his room, along with his plans for the new research center to which Devon suggested should have some greenery and Peter would take into consideration. But then Devon figured out that Evermore Woods was still the building site for the center, and that Mr. Quince left Astral in the dark about it so she wouldn't get upset. Devon was conflicted over whether to continue his father's building site or to warn Astral about the impending doom. After reluctantly finishing the designs, he run off to school to warn to Astral that the forest was once again in danger. That night, Astral would confront Mr. Quince about the danger he'd bring to forest, and after a brief argument with her, Morgan and Devon, he grows furious and reveals that King Oberon's his younger brother and he knows perfectly well about all the lives of Athenia he'd be endangering bulldozing the tree down.

That night, a loud rumbling would wake Astral, Brendoni. Devon and Peter, and King Oberon would turn up at the Quince residence personally, to confront Mr. Quince. Devon was completely shocked to find out his father's fairy indentity (along with him being Oberon's brother and his real name being Petrithon). Devon would insist to Oberon that he wasn't "one of them", although nobody knew for sure yet. Oberon assumed Devon would try to follow his father footsteps in his plan, to which Astral would defend Devon saying it was unfair to judge him based on his father. King Oberon orders to pack their belongs and return to Athenia, to which Astral would object. Peter would claim Astral's safer in the other world due to his plans for destruction and that science and technology were the future, and the way forward. He purposely decided to do his construction during the dimming/moon eclipse where the fairies would lose their powers and be unable to defend themselves.

As an alternative, Astral realized how Mr. Quince was an "other" so long, he'd forgotten about life in Athenia and decided to bring back some pleasant thoughts of nature to him hoping it would change his mind. This included giving him native food from the land, and decorating the house with plants and the spirit hoping to spark some fond memories, but it still wasn't enough to convince him to back out of the project. So then, Astral took note of how Peter Quince had to give up his crown of Athenia to be with his love in the human world, only for her to passes away shortly afterwards anyway. Astral took a different approach and decided to set Peter up with Mrs. Williams with a love spell, even though Mr. Quince was against this. She suggests that the two of them go outdoors, since it was nice day and takes them to the forest where the center was planned to be built, letting them get in some beautiful scenery as a couple, but even that didn't stop the planning for the construction. At this point, Astral was starting to lose hope she'd ever make a difference. That night, Devon's still angry at his father for not telling him about his fairy heritage, but they have a heartfelt conversation about how he wanted to put the past behind him, and finally reveals why he left Athenia for the mortal world.

Astral tried to convince the people around her to join her in defend Evermore Woods, although she could get any supporters despite various attempts. She, Morgan and Devon get an idea to upload a video online about Evermore Woods which was a hassle, but it was worth it as it quickly gains a lot of fans due to its cats and they even support how essential the woods were to them. They're hired to do an interview with the news, which quickly becomes well-known among the town, including Mr. Quince. Unfortunately, Versitude takes the opportunity to lock Astral and her teammates inside the gym so they'd they'd be unable to defend Athenia, as she knew Astral would be unable to use her powers to escape during the eclipse.

With very little time and options left, they powerless Athenians had to evacuate as to avoid getting caught in the destruction, although Winston wanted to stick around and try to help offering to buy the fairies some time until the dimming has passed and their powers return. Winston and Peaseblossom (as a glowing sprite) go to the human world to try and hold off the construction, Winston cuts a wire in the bulldozer, rendering it non-functional. Versitude (watching from back in Athenia) was absolutely furious at this turn of events. The construction workers had a backup cable allowing them to continue working, and when Winston tries to interfere again, Peaseblossom's mistaken for a lightning bug and gets captured in a jar, and Winston gets caught by the workers and kicked out. Meanwhile, Astral and the gang were forced to comes up with and experiment alternate ideas of potential escape, none of which were successful, only managing to get out due to Gigi hearing Hailey's screaming and opening the door from the outside. Back in Athenia, the king and queen saw that Astral was at the protest for the woods and decided to start the evacuation, when Versitude responds that not everyone would get out in time, they summoned the powerless fairies to use as a diversion. Winston breaks free and rescues Peaseblossom from the jar, but the workers weren't slowed down by the fairies, although Astral got the protestors to form a chain blocking the tree. When Devon was in front of the bulldozer and Astral pushed him out of the way, only to get her foot stuck, that grabbed the workers' attention --including Mr. Quince-- as the stopped the machine and helped Astral out. The eclipse ends, and Peter regrets his actions and calls off the building plans. King Oberon would turn up in person saying he made a wise decision.


Devon: My dad isn't some evil villain... he's the guy who made us ham sandwiches and root beer floats, he's the guy who's always been there for me.

Astral: Your dad's not a bad person, Devon, he's just wrong about [his intentions].

Peter Quince is a very complicated man. As Petritron, he was once a noble and honorable prince back in Athenia, but he was also shown to have a curious side as shown with his desire to travel to other world due to falling in loving with a human woman. He was even willing to abandon his role as king just to have a permanent relationship with her, showcasing how he's not afraid to make his own goals and actions. He also doesn't believe in looking back in the past or let it hold him back. As he'll handle any trauma that faces him head on, and not make a big deal of it, even when he wife died, he's able to move on with his life without missing her. He was so unconcerned over his old childhood home, he's willing to have it torn down, not caring about all the lives he'd endanger.

However, despite all of his shady moments, he definitely has a caring, sympathetic side,. For instance, he genuinely cares about and respects his son Devon, and worries about his safety wanting to protect him. He was also a fairly reasonable authority figure, and a responsible adult, as he takes in Astral and Brendoni and quickly adjusts to their presence, despite at first having some questions, and is willing to defend them from harm (even before revealing he's actually their uncle). This comes back during the day where he nearly destroyed the woods, and he ended up canceling his construction plans, after it nearly put Astral in danger. Although like most parents, he's not afraid to be stern, serious or punish his son when necessary.


  • His named was inspired by the character of the same name from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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