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You don't understand, I'm saying he's not gonna make it home... at all. So you do it Frankie. You take care of him. Right now.
~ Petey to Frankie.

Peter, or by his nickname Petey, is a minor antagonist in the third season of the 1997 HBO series Todd McFarlane's Spawn. He is a young man who suddenly went on a killing spree for unknown reasons. He is the main antagonist of the episode "The Mindkiller".

He was voiced by Eric Roberts.


Early life

Not much is known about Petey's background, but he was in the military and claimed by Joey that he was "the smartest guy in school".

Season 3

Driving through the city and try to decide to go, Petey decides where he drives. They go to visit Mr. Ovetti's shop for old times and are welcome by him. Seconds later, Petey suddenly shoots Ovetti behind his head and tells the others he was doing him a favor. He tells Frankie that "If you wanna get noticed, you've gotta due favors" and they hop back in the car and take off. Joey starts getting and begins puking. Unfortunately, Petey orders Frankie to get out of the car and kill Joey as he's worried about him losing cool and going to the cops.

Frankie gets out and takes Joey to the alley prepares to shoot him. Meanwhile, Petey sits in the car with another man talking about Frankie having guts to kill Joey. Taken too long, the smoker worries that Frankie has guts to kill Joey, Petey thinks they're both dead. Tired of waiting, Petey turns to the corner of the alley and gets out of the car and shoot Frankie. After the bullet freezes mid-air and tries to decide to live or die, Frankie grabs Joey and blocks the bullet with his body. Frankie kills Joey by shooting him in the head, casting his own decisions.


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