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Petey Pacer is a minor antagonist from Pixar's twelveth feature film Cars 2. He was a Lemon who is a member of the Pacer family.


Petey was first seen on the Lemons' oil rigs, welding a torch, among several other Lemons attacking Finn McMissile on the helipad along with Jerome Ramped, Towga Gremlin, and Stefan Gremsky. He is later seen when the Lemons have captured Agent Rod Redline and tortured him where they discovered Redline had passed information on the Lemons' mastermind to a tow truck named Mater, leading Petey to receive orders from Professor Zündapp to kill Mater before killing Redline. At the first World Grand Prix race in Tokyo, Petey and Acer went to attack Mater after the latter was spotted in the pits by Acer and Grem. Petey was sprayed with lather from a fire extinguisher used by Finn McMissile, then turned around the corner, and crashed into a police car, leading to Petey's arrest.


Like all the other Lemons, Petey Pacer was cold-hearted and sadistic where he was willing to commit murder just to achieve any goals in becoming rich. Petey was willing to murder innocent civilians if they become caught in the Lemons' plot where he attempted to kill Mater only to be stopped by Finn McMissile, leading to his arrest.


Petey is an AMC Pacer, that is painted dark blue, with a rusty bumper, and four rusty brown wheels. He sometimes wears a blowtorch and visor, as well as a fire tank on his back.



  • Petey is the first Lemon in the movie to be arrested.


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