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Stephen Van Petrol is a recurring antagonist in Camp Camp. He is a member of The Wood Scouts. Petrol is a tall, well-built boy who compensates with his lack of speech with his abundance of brains and brawn.


In "Scout's Dishonor", Petrol made his first appearance, where he and the other two members of the Wood Scouts at the time, captured Max and brought him in for interrogation.

In "Jermy Fartz", Petrol, along with the other members of the Wood Scouts worked alongside the other members of the Wood Scouts in a frisbee contest with Camp Campbell, saying that if they win, they get to claim ownership of the camp. They lost but they immediately made another bet with them, saying that Camp Campbell would never be able to go a single day without being rude. If Camp Campbell lost the challenge, The Wood Scouts would get to steal a member of their choosing.

Stephen Van Petrol served as the judge for that contest. Petrol would stalk the campers of Camp Campbell and blow his whistle if he ever heard anyone say anything rude.

Of all people, David made a rude comment to Jermy Fartz, which lost him the challenge. The Wood Scouts came in to take one of the campers and they decided to take Jermy.

In "Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot", Petrol, along with the other Wood Scouts attempted to steal the Camp Campbell flag and replace it with their own so that they could take over the camp. Petrol told the story of his contribution to the scheme. In his version of the story, everyone was mute just like him. Petrol and the other Wood Scouts vandalized Camp Campbell by covering the entire activity zone in toilet paper.

In "Camp Loser Says What?", Petrol and the other Wood Scouts officially took over Camp Camp, with the help of Daniel and converted the campers of Camp Campbell into Wood Scouts. However, with Daniel as their new leader, he wanted to convert them all to his cult.

When Daniel was about to sacrifice Nikki to Xemug, Petrol, Billy and Jermy all got scared and thought they should bail out. They created a false depiction of Xemug and Petrol provided the voice. As Xemug, Petrol told Daniel that he needed to stop with the sacrificing of the campers and instead move to Antarctica.


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