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Fool...What were you thinking? Too bad for you, I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. Best of luck as a Hollow! Gah hah hah hah hah!
~ Petrus should he kill the player.

Petrus of Thorolund is a supporting antagonist in Dark Souls.

He was voiced by Sean Barrett.


Petrus is a cleric from Thorolund in the Way of White covenant, a group based on following Lord Gwyn in kindling bonfires to sustain the power of the gods. He is first found at the Firelink Shrine, near the lift to the Undead Parish. Initially, he demands that he wants to keep a distance from the player, but talking to him a second time prompts him to give the player a Copper Coin to show that his request was not personal. Talking to him a third time, he will ask if the player wants to join the Way of Light covenant. Should they accept he will sell them Miracles. When prompted enough times, Petrus reveals he is on a classified undead mission with a maiden from Thorolund named Reah and her bodyguards Vince and Nico.

After the Capra Demon in Undead Burg is defeated, Petrus is joined by Reah and her companions, saying his farewell to the player. They are gone the next time the player returns to Firelink Shrine, but the second time, Petrus is back in his spot all alone. He explains that he got lost from Reah, regretting having lost her despite his sworn oath to protect her.

Should the player talk to Lautrec about the mission, he reveals that instead of Petrus getting lost, he abandoned his comrades to the monsters in the Tomb of the Giants. If the player talks to Petrus about this, he tries to persuade them that it was a coincidence that Reah fell down a pit and that Vince and Nico have gone hollow, taunting the player that they have no chance saving Reah.

This is subverted if the player actually finds Reah in the Tomb of the Giants and defeats the hollow Vince and Nico, where she will move to a shrine in the church of the Undead Parish. If the player has not bought all of Reah's Miracles (resulting in her being taking by Channelers to the Duke's Archives), killing two major bosses makes Petrus realize that she is still alive, resulting in him killing her. Only by killing him first will he be unable to kill Reah.

Should Petrus have killed Reah, he drops her Ivory Talisman once the player kills him.


  • Petrus was originally going to have to be rescued from a necromancer in the Catacombs before he showed up at Firelink Shrine.
  • Killing Petrus before Reah and her bodyguards arrive at Firelink Shrine turns all of them immediately hostile. Paying Oswald for absolving a sin will not turn them friendly again.


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