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Petula Algerson, also known as the Witch of the Woods, is an antagonist in World of Warcraft and a solitary Witch - the former wife of Maynard Algerson and the main cause of the curse that befell his Lumber Yard.


Petula was once the loving wife of Maynard Algerson and mother of Benjamin and Marlowe, she and her family suffered as Maynard absorbed himself in his work and grew cold, obsessing over his work and exploiting his workers to no-ends, even his own son was not spared harsh criticism and unfair working conditions as Maynard's work became his sole ambition.

Petula eventually grew so disgusted with the way her husband ran his business at the expense of workers and family alike that she turned herself into a Witch and fled into the woods, there she became known as the Witch of the Woods and began a long and bloody series of curses, setting the woods' animals mad and unleashing all manner of wickedness upon her husband, with hopes of ruining him.

Unfortunately for Petula player-heroes come across these events and help Maynard to defeat the Witch, ultimately tracking her own and slaying her - when Maynard learns that the Witch that had been terrorizing his work was Petula herself he coldly condemned her actions, defending his own as being necessary to keep his family fed and clothed, he then rejects her and his children, before leaving, claiming his work was his only calling now.

Petula is later buried and her daughter can be found mourning at her grave, showing that despite her drastic measures to exact revenge she was still loved, at least by her daughter.


Petula became a typical wicked witch of legend, which a hunched back and notable disfigurements - she also grew old and hateful, in all she resembles most of the Witches currently seen in the game.


Petula is a tragic woman whose body and mind was claimed by dark magic, which fuelled her obsession with ruining her husband's work - this desire for revenge twisted her, making her feel justified in tormenting and killing workers, plants and animals alike to get revenge, yet as she died shards of her true self could still be found as she lamented that with her gone her husband's mistreatment of his workers would never end.. sadly her prophecy seemed to become a reality, judging by his response to her death.




  • Petula is the only Witch so far that, while resorting the evil magic, has a sympathetic backstory and a seemingly well-meaning purpose, if misguided - further fuelled by her husband's cruel and uncaring nature.

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