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Is this all the skill you possess? Fight harder and die with honor!
~ Phalanx's Heaven form.
I have defeated the Red Demon! I shall reign supreme! With the power of the Crest, both the demon world and the human world are mine!
~ Phalanx in the manual for Demon's Crest.

Phalanx is a powerful demon and the main antagonist of the 1994 side-scrolling videogame Demon's Crest (Japanese: デモンズブレイゾン 魔界村 紋章編, Hepburn: Demonzu Bureizon Makaimura Monshō-hen, "Demon's Blazon: Demon World Village Crest Volume").

He was the arch-enemy of Firebrand and he sought to become a Supreme Power by using the power of Heaven and later Infinity to obtain cosmic transformations. Like many villains he, was very proud of his evil-ways and was obsessed with power.


Normal Form

DC BO Phalanx (Flying).gif

Phalanx began as a winged demon not dissimilar to Firebrand, empowered by all the Demon Crests save for the Crest of Fire - which eluded him due to it shattering after he obtained the other Crests via ambushing Firebrand and stealing the Crests from him.

In battle Phalanx flies back and forth, forming plasma balls that bounce until they hit the spikes. Sometimes he will fly low and fast, trying to either cut Firebrand with his razor wings, or to shoot a charged plasma ball right in Firebrand's face. Due to not having the Crest of Fire, he is weak against DemonFire.

Heaven Form

DC BO Phalanx Lv.2 (Diving).gif

After obtaining the power of Heaven Phalanx gains a more "divine" form, albeit tainted by demon heritage. He attacks pretty much as before but also has the ability to flood the area with water, which can be deadly for Firebrand unless he switches into his aquatic form.

Ultimate Form

DC BO Ultimate Phalanx.gif

After obtaining the power of the Crest of Infinity Phalanx undergoes a dramatic change in appearance, becoming a Satanic monster of apocalyptic power he floods the entire battlefield with lava. Firebrand is thus forced to battle him in small rocky platforms that push Firebrand towards Phalanx.

In this form, Phalanx shoots large bolts in Firebrand's direction quite often, destroying any rocks flying in their path. He also constantly produced small energy balls that chased Firebrand until destroyed. He didn't have any temporal invincibility when he took damage, but his hands were sufficient to block Firebrand's attacks, only neglecting defense to shoot a huge laser breath, due to his great power the Ultimate Phalanx is only really weak against the Legendary Gargoyle (Firebrand's ultimate transformation).


Bad Ending

Ah... You've arrived much earlier than I expected, Firebrand. But it is of little consequence. For this time, I shall clip your wings once and for all.
~ Phalanx.
I summon the power of the heavens!
~ Phalanx trying to use the crest of Heaven.
...What?? Am I not destined to be the one...?
~ Phalanx's last words as he dies without his Heaven form in the bad ending.

Normal ending

You've finally arrived. I thought for a moment that you might not make it. Now, kneel down before me and beg for mercy! Just like you did a thousand years ago!
~ Phalanx.
I thought you might have the power to defeat General Arma. But you do not have nearly enough to defeat me, the great Phalanx! The crest...! The crest of Heaven...!!!
~ Phalanx moments before using the crest of Heaven.
Now feel the wrath of Heaven!!!
~ Phalanx's Heaven form.
My power is fading... But you shall not have the satisfaction of killing me!!
~ Phalanx's last words before sealing himself inside the Crest of Heaven in the normal ending.

Good Ending

I've waited a lifetime for this moment, Firebrand. You and I were destined to clash. And you, it seems, are destined to die.
~ Phalanx
Yes, you have the power I seek! The crest of Heaven!
~ Phalanx before using the crest of Heaven.
You think you have destroyed me! But it was merely a shadow!
~ Phalanx before revealing his ultimate form
Finally! The ultimate power! Behold! The Crest of Infinity!
~ Phalanx
Now the world stands helpless against my power! I need you no longer, Firebrand. You are now merely a nuisance. Die!
~ Ultimate Phalanx's first and last words in the good ending.





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