The Phantom is the seventh villain in the TV show; Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. It was originally a persona used by Daniel Prezette to revenge on the Hex Girls for replacing him in the music industry. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


He appears in the middle of a Hex Girls concert and warns them to stop performing or else.

The next night, they put on another show, this time using Daphne as a Thorn lookalike. When the Phantom appears, the trap malfunctions and cages the other two Hex Girls, and Daphne is taken by the Phantom.

Later, Daphne escapes, when the Phantom attacks again, he thinks he grabs Daphne, but in a cloud of fog, she switched out with Scooby's ventriloquist dummy, and he is yanked back and caught.

He is revealed to be Daniel Perzette, the Hex Girls' songwriter. Before the Hex Girls, he was Fantzee Pantz, the biggest star of his time. The Hex Girls put him out of business. To get revenge, he became their songwriter and wrote terrible songs for them, but they made every song sound amazing. He then decided to be the Phantom and attack them. Ultimately Daniel was later arrested and taken to jail.

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