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Only your heart is hollow enough to be a demon's.
~ Phantom Aqua to the real Aqua.

Phantom Aqua is an antagonist and boss in the video game Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-, the ninth game in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is a doppelgänger of Aqua encountered in the Realm of Darkness, as well as the personification of Aqua's insecurities.

Like the real Aqua she was voiced by Willa Holland.


When Aqua arrives in the remnants of Dwarf Woodlands, the Magic Mirror brings Aqua's reflection to life, and she pulls Aqua into the Mirror. Inside, Aqua goes through areas inside several other mirrors while taunted by Phantom Aqua, battling the phantom three times along the way. After Phantom Aqua's destruction, the real Aqua proceeds on her journey.

A stronger version of Phantom Aqua appears as a post-game secret boss.

Powers and abilities

Being a doppelgänger of Aqua, Phantom Aqua has all the same abilities as she does, even wielding a copy of the Master's Defender Keyblade. She has the ability to teleport and to create copies of herself, as well as to summon large ice crystals to attack. She can also use the real Aqua's Spellweaver Command Style.


  • As a copy of Aqua, Phantom Aqua is naturally voiced by Willa Holland in English and Megumi Toyoguchi in Japanese.
  • Phantom Aqua's leitmotif is a sinister reprise of Aqua's.
  • Phantom Aqua can be seen as foreshadowing towards the real Aqua's fall to darkness in Kingdom Hearts III.


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