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Phantom Soldiers are the soldiers of the Neo-Human Empire Phantom Army and antagonists in Inazuman.


Phantom Soldiers first appeared when a force of them was led by the Quintuple Banbara to pursue two members of the Youth League, an organization which opposed the Neo-Human Empire. The Phantom Soldiers succeeded in cornering the two Youth League members but Goro Watari Gosaku Masume took notice of what they were doing and intervened to fight off the Phantom Soldiers and buy the two children time to escape. The two held their ground until Quintuple Banbara appeared and knocked Goro Watari into the water.

When the Despar Army began their coup against the Neo-Human Empire, a number of Phantom Soldiers defected to join Despar. As the Despar Army raided Phantom Army bases across Japan, the remaining Phantom Soldiers were captured and brought to pledge their loyalty to the new rulers of the Neo-Human race, with those who refused to become Despar Soldiers being executed.


They wear light-gray uniforms and gas masks as well as white helmets resembling those worn by the German Army in World War II. Both their helmets and belts have the Neo-Human Empire symbol emblazoned on the front. Their boots and gloves are also white but, after episode 5, they were changed to brown along with the color of the helmets. They also at first had an orange claw on their right arm, but this was changed later into claws on either arm that could fire grappling hooks.



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