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Phenotrans are the main antagonists of Dead Rising 2 and its expansion Case West. They were responsible for causing outbreaks both in Las Vegas and Fortune City.


Events between Dead Rising and its sequel

Phenotrans created an anti-zombification drug known as "Zombrex" presented by Isabela Keyes. Since she and her brother Carlito Keyes were responsible of Willamette outbreak and she would be arrested, she has no choice, but to work for Phenotrans to produce Zombrex.

Las Vegas outbreak

While Zombrex was overprofitted, Phenotrans was running out of Queens they needed, thus they created a gas substance that attracts and causes regular zombies to be mutated that create more Queens to develop the medication.

Phenotrans unleashed Queens in the city to infect people. The government ordered a firebomb to destroy Las Vegas.

Fortune City outbreak

Raymond Sullivan, under Phenotrans' order, unleashed the zombies to infect the city.

While the military arrived, Phenotrans unleashed a gas that infects the zombies making them more aggressive and durable that were able to kill soldiers. Phenotrans still can blame Chuck Greene for the outbreak.

Phenotrans Facility

While Chuck is left alone and goes to a facility, Frank West arrived to save him. Phenotrans' director, Marian Mallon, making her appearence, reveals she thanks to Isabella for finding a cure, but Marian refuses to release it to the public claiming that human race deserves a zombie apocaplypse.

Despite the facility being self-destructed to detonated that Mallon initiated, Phenotrans still continues to rise after this.

Dead Rising 3

It is unknown what later happened to Phenotrans, but their rumors in the incident eventually led them to declare bankruptcy.



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